15 July 2010

A Weekly Program on Work Rights and Social Justice
An index to the Audio PODCASTS from this week's program segments:
Produced this week by Catherine Zengerer. Presented by Catherine, Maxine Winkley.
  1. Union News : Link to Audio
  2. SA Union Election Campaign: Janet Giles joined us to bring us the info we all need to support the Union agenda for the upcoming election:  Link to Audio
  3. Water Front Safety: More workers are dying than ever before. Paddy Crumlin joined for a must-listen-to interview. Death at Appleton Dock - Link to Audio
  4. Nurses still are waiting: Elizabeth Dabars joined with the latest info : Link to Audio
  5. Work Life Balance : Ellen Koster gave a presentation at the Hawke Centre yesterday and has some tips on managing our priorities : How to Draw a Line between Work and Home : Link to Audio

Quality isn't just what you do, it's how you do it.
 The First Star symbol recognizes hotels that have signed Fair Work Agreements with their staff.
Embrace the First Star fundamentals of ethical luxury, and shine from the inside out.
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