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 Here are some questions you may have concerning
Nancy Drew 411.

Q: Why was Nancy Drew 411 created?
A: To provide information and entertainment for Nancy Drew fans everywhere.

Q: Who can contribute to the site?
A: Anyone can contribute.  If you have an idea or any information concerning the games or upcoming games just email them and I will update the site with your information and give you full credit.  

Q: What are affiliates?
A: Affiliates are sites that appeal to the same audiences and have the same content.  All of the affiliates on this site are Nancy Drew related. 

 Q: How can I become a staff member?
A: When I feel that I need some help around the site I will ask somebody to help me out.  You can email me and ask but this doesn't mean that I will choose you to help me. 

If you have any more questions don't be afraid to ask!