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6·23·08|| HER has announced that pre-ordering for VEN will be July 23-29.  Today is the 23rd so you can start pre-ordering sometime today! =]
Edit: HER has added a second VEN trailer!


6·18·08|| Hey guys, HER has added the VEN mini game!  Check it out here.


6·11·08|| I added an ICE CD case insert and a CUR CD case insert.
EDIT: I've changed the poll!  You can now vote on how you liked the VEN demo.


6·9·08|| I added CD Case Inserts into the downloads and recipe cards.  I added one recipe card and one CD Case Insert to those sections. 


6·8·08|| I added four VEN avatars to the downloads section and a Nancy Drew avatar.


 6·7·08|| I have added a wallpaper section to the downloads.  There is currently one wallpaper in there.  It is 1024 x 768.

EDIT: I posted on the blog & changed the template on it.  The blog is locatedin the Fun Stuff section.  I've also chosen the first mod for the forums.  It is Ibberman!  Congrats to her.


6·6·08|| HER has put the VEN Demo up.  They have also decided on a cover for the game.  It is Box 1 from the poll.  


6·6·08|| I added some more updates in the Fun Stuff section. I added the list of cases , a puzzle and a word search.
EDIT: I've added some bookmarks in the new downloads section.


6·5·08|| I have added a Fun Stuff section! Obviously I am not all that far on it yet, but there are some game trailers on it right now. I have also added links in the Nancy Drew Games to the official page of each game on HER. I am finally starting to get some stuff up around here! Slowly...but I am getting there ;).
EDIT: I have added a Credit's page and a blog! Check them out ;)


6·4·08|| HER has added the VEN discussion board to there site, so go check it out! Also, I am working on some avatars and hopefully some wallpaper to put up for you guys to use. I am probably gonna include a fan submitted section to the downloads, so if you got something you would like to contribute let me know!


6·3·08|| have added a couple more pages to the Nancy Drew Games section!
I am slowly getting them done lol. Sorry it is taking so long and thank you so much for your patience! :)


6·1·08|| I have added a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. If you have anymore questions answered and added to the list please email me!


5·31·08|| I have added a count down to VEN. Since we don't know the exactday that it is coming out yet, I have just made the countdown for July 1Hopefully we will find out the day soon and I will edit it :)


5·28·08|| I've finally got a guestbook up, so go ahead and sign! I'm looking
for mods for the forums so if you are interested please email me! I am gonna
try and get some downloads added to the site too.


5·27·08|| Hey guys, I had to change to google pages because I was experiencing some difficulties on freewebs. Sorry for the inconvenience.
I am trying my best to get everything up, but it has been real crazy for me lately.

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