Dressing Your Truth: A Story of Finding My Fashion in Life

I’d like to share a story about a new fashion system I came across a few months ago.  It is called Dressing Your Truth, and it was designed by a wonderful lady named Carol Tuttle.  It is a fashion system that teaches you how to pick the right fashions, hairstyles, make-up, and accessories based around your energy type.  I happen to be the type 1 energy, or as Carol Tuttle calls it, a “bright, animated woman.”  Some of the adjectives that describe a bright animated woman, according to Carol, are upward, light, airy, random, fresh, crisp, and bright.  I found it really interesting that not only do these words describe my personality and appearance to a T, but these are the exact words I am to use when searching for clothing, make-up, and the like!  For those who might be unfamiliar with Dressing Your Truth, you can learn more about this fashion system here: http://brandystuttler.dressingyourtruth.com.   But, for those who are already familiar with the system, I dedicate this article to my own personal story. 

After going through the profiling system, when it came time to choose my energy type, I went back and forth between the type 1 and type 3 energy (type 3 energy is a “rich, dynamic woman.”)  I had many of the rich, dynamic characteristics, in addition to a few physical characteristics, so in the end I figured that was my energy type, with a very strong type 1 secondary energy. I bought the type 3 online course, learned about how to dress like a rich, dynamic woman, and started to shop.  I got a little frustrated because the clothing that I was trying on still didn’t seem right, but I figured once I got used to the new look, I would like it better.  Well, lucky for me, I had the opportunity to talk with Carol Tuttle one night on-line personally; and, after viewing my pictures, she told me that I was not type 3 energy, but that I was a type 1.  I was so convinced at this point that I was a type 3 that I even argued with her for a minute!  But, after she explained that the type 3 clothes would look too harsh on me (which is exactly what I had been thinking) I thought I’d open my mind to the idea that I was actually a bright, animated woman.  Carol suggested that I trade out the old course for the new one so that I could learn to dress my real truth.  I must say that after embracing my true energy and viewing the new course, I was so much happier and actually looked forward to the clothes that I now would get to wear. 

Excited as I was, 90-95% of the clothing in my wardrobe was either black, grey, a tone (pure color with grey added), or a heavy fabric (none of which suit a bright, animated woman).  So, I started to get frustrated again, because the task ahead of me seemed so overwhelming.  I knew what I had to do; I just had no idea how to implement it.   I asked God to help me find a solution, so that I could get this overwhelming task over with quickly and efficiently.  Enter my type 4 energy sister (the bold, striking woman), who not only works in fashion, but had a whole closet full of clothing she was more than happy to have me try on!  After going through everything, my sister was so impressed with the results; she let me have the clothes and actually decided to look into the program herself!  Type 4 energy people have a tendency to be skeptical, especially with type 1 energy people, because these energies are opposites.  So, for my sister to look at the results from my change and to have it inspire her to want to try it was a highlight in my week.  Not only this, but after I got home, my type 4 energy mother told me over the phone that my sister had called her up and told her how great I looked!  This meant a lot to me as well, as I had never been the fashionable one in the family; I never knew how.  My sister over the years has tried to show me hair and make-up perfecting techniques (another type 4 energy trait,) but the techniques  were too difficult for me to stick with, due to my random, animated nature.  Lucky for me again, Dressing Your Truth takes all this into account; so it’s not just about what I put on, it’s about how I do it!  With this system, I can have beautiful hair, any length, in less than 20 minutes every morning.  I can have my make-up on in five minutes (and check my e-mail in between!).  I can even do little things to create this bright, animated appearance at my job, where a specific uniform is required.  The light fabrics keep me energized longer than when I wear the heavier fabrics, so I can get more done.   A few people I have explained this system to have mentioned that it sounds a little vain.  I tell them it isn’t about vanity at all.  It’s about feeling good in your own skin.  It’s about having increased confidence in business settings and your job.  And, believe me, there is a huge difference in your overall energy level if your clothes and makeup rub, wash your skin out, or age you when you look in the mirror.  If you look in the mirror and see an old person, you will start to feel that way.  If your fabric creates discomfort, then it will wear you down.  If your hair looks greasy and thin, it will affect your mood.  Dressing Your Truth is a one of kind, un-duplicated, easy, fun, and worthwhile system that I would recommend anyone invest some time in.  I’m glad I did. 

In conclusion, I thank Carol Tuttle for her kind nature and for putting this program together.  I thank God for helping me find this quick, effective solution, and for my sister and mother opening up their minds and hearts to this new possibility and helping me work through it. 

Thank you, reader, and God bless!

Me, before the Dressing Your Truth fashion system.
Me, after Dressing my Truth!