Experts who help us

During our learning journey, we met some of these outstanding experts. Their kind help was really inspiring!
Pete Sims & Paul Natorp & Christer Windelov-Lidzélius, Kaospilots
Wouter Kersten, Enviu
José Mari Luzarraga & Liher Pillado, Mondragon Team Academy
Jose Mari Larrañaga, Mondragon University
Pablo Angulo, Paul Ortega & Diana Franco, Innobasque
Isabel Fernandez and Paul San Sebastián, Innovanders
Javier Pradini, Emaus
During the next stages we hope to count with other expert support:
Christine Hogan, Development consultant and facilitator, Author of "Facilitating Empowerment", Australia
Andrew Outhwaite, Senior Advisor The Natural Step Australia
Claudia Raffo, International Coaching Federation Chile
Marcelo Santa María, NLP Master

We are also building a partnership agreement with Artemisia Foundation 
Pravin Mallick (India)
Florence Obison (Nigeria)
Shahla (Iran)
Nana (China)
Victor Branagan (Ireland)
Yohana Cartes (Chile)