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ORBIT (rus. Orbita) is a creative collective of Russian poets and artists whose works are dedicated to dialogue between various creative genres (music, video, etc.) and cultures. The collective came into being in Riga, the Latvian capital, in 1999. Since that time Orbit has published a number of eponymously titled almanacs in which literary works appear side by side with works of visual art (photography, graphic work, painting). Additionally, Orbit has organized three "Word in Motion" festivals of poetic video and multi-media art in Latvia (in 2001, 2003 and 2007); issued three audio compact discs and a collection of poetic video clips on VHS (2001) and DVD (2005); created several multi-media poetry installations for public exhibition; produced a number of bilingual (Russian-Latvian poetic publications; issued an anthology of contemporary Russian poetry in Latvia—at one and the same time a unique study of this phenomenon; and published a number of other works.

Orbit actively participates in Latvian and international cultural life. Members of the group have been published in many European countries and are frequently invited to European literary and artistic festivals—including, for instance: the International Moscow Poetry Biennial, the Berlin Poetry Festival, the Gothenburg Book Fair, the ARS Festival in Bratislava, the White Nights in Madrid, TARP in Vilnius, the Book World Festival in Prague, and many others. In Latvia Orbit’s achievements have been recognized with the Annual Literary Prize of the Union of Latvian Writers in 2005, the Annual Prize for the best photography album in 2006 and for the best photography exhibit in 2007, as well as a number of prizes for book design and various other literary and artistic awards. Since its founding Orbit appears in literary and multimedia performances in conjunction with invited musicians and video-artists.

Orbit members participating in YOUR LANGUAGE—MY EAR:  

ARTUR PUNTE, an advertising writer in Riga, Latvia.  He is a graduate of the Gorky Literary Institute in Moscow.  He has published in the journals DaugavaVavilonOrbita and others, and is the author of  two books of poetry.

SERGEJ TIMOFEJEV, a journalist, advertising writer, and DJ in Riga, Latvia.  Since the late 1980s, he has published in the journals RodnikMitin zhurnalVavilonZnamia, and others.  He is the author of  four books of poetry and was short-listed for the prestigious Andrey Belyi prize in 2002.

SEMEN XANIN, a translator and poet in Riga.  He is a graduate of Latvian State University and has published in DaugavaVavilonOrbita, and Osvobozhdennyi Uliss.  He is the author of one book of poetry.

The site www.orbita.lv (in Russian) provides an introduction to the works of the group.