This Land is Your Land - 2013
Summer Landowner Conference
Friday, July 26, 2013 - Meadows Event Center, Altoona, IA
The 3rd annual "This Land is Your Land" conference picks up where last years conference left off.   The conference will be targeted to absentee and non-operating landowners who want to better understand what they need to do to enhance and protect their land, their investment, and their legacy.   There will be a variety of topics addressed including; today's farm economics, drainage issues, ag technology and what it means to you, farm lease trends and options, beginning farmer tax benefits, land ownership trends, land values, and much more.  This event is a "must attend" for all landowners not operating their own land wanting to learn more, as well as for fiduciaries representing their clients.

In Iowa 95% of rented farmland is self-managed.  In these times of volatile commodity markets, uncertain world economics and changing net farm returns it can be difficult to keep up with land values and cash rental rates for farmland.  The farmland leasing business is becoming increasingly complex with cash rental rates escalating.  New record keeping requirements coming from the USDA for all properties (not just livestock operations) in the future will add to your responsibilities as a landowner.  Landowners need to be aware of this rapidly changing environment.  Farming is not just a way of life, it is a business and as a landowner you need to understand the changes that are going on with the economics on the farm, the new technology that farmer’s use and the changes to USDA farm programs and government oversight on the farm.


US Farm Lease can help sort through all of the wild stories about farmland lease rates and help you do a comprehensive analysis of your farms production potential and determine a fair rental rate for your farm.  We provide several services to help landowners and operators reach their goals.  Your land and your situation are unique and we can provide assistance in finding the best management plan for your land, family and tenant.


The "This Land Is Your Land" Summer Landowner Conference is a great opportunity to find out more about today's land ownership issues.  We hope to see you there!


A comment from previous Landowner Conference:

After seeing an ad in the paper, I thought I had nothing to lose by attending the conference held on farm leases.  During the conference, I could tell that I needed to make changes.  The information that  I received helped me to see how we could make improvements, and I hired US Farm Lease.  The change in the direction of our management, lease, and operation has been very positive!

-Conference Attendee

We had our best turnout in 2012, there was a wide range of topics discussed at the conference, including a strong push concerning conservation and the affects it can have on your land if the correct practices are put in place.  Attendees also heard presentations regarding Estate Issues, Leasing Update, Land Market and more.  For highlights from the 2012 conference please see the video below!  

2012 This Land is Your Land Conference



Cost:         $75 per person & $50 after that for each individual in your group
Date:         July 26, 2013

Venue:      Meadows Event Center
                1 Prairie Meadows Dr.
                Altoona, IA
Space is limited, don't miss out on this great opportunity.
Call in today to reserve your spot:  515-232-4002 or toll free 888-232-4002.