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Cod Liver Oil, Complexion, DMSO, Herpes, Arthritis and More.

There is a secret about cod liver oil that might be of interest to you.  There is a Norwegian Orange flavored Cod Live Oil that actually has a pleasant taste.  To improve even that you will find that mixing cod liver oil with fat free cottage cheese makes a real good snack.  Before you poke your nose up in the air you will find that after you start taking cod liver oil and fat free cottage cheese your complexion will begin to become soft and clear.  If you decide to try this use about 3 tablespoons of fat free cottage cheese to  1 tablespoon of cod liver oil.  Mix thoroughly and eat.  Do this twice a day.  You won’t believe all the health benefits that you will get from it.

In regard to secondary dentine of your teeth. Secondary dentine, a less well-organized form of tubular dentine, is produced throughout life as a patching material where cavities have begun, where the overlying enamel has been worn away, and within the pulp chamber as part of the aging process. Sometimes when cavities occur, production of secondary dentine can "heal" the decayed spot or rebuild portions of the tooth that have worn away. If vitamin D is adequate, secondary dentine will be well calcified. If vitamin D is lacking, dentine will be of poor quality or not present at all.

There is some evidence that the mineralization of dentine may depend on calcium derived from saliva rather than blood; in other words, it is deposited from the exterior rather than the interior of the tooth. The book describes studies by Dr. C. L. Pattison who, working with Mrs. Mellanby, determined that the calcium content of saliva doubled or even tripled when the diet contained adequate vitamin D from cod liver oil...

ULTIMATE SKIN CARE:   Cod liver oil mixed with zinc oxide is better for the skin than any of the prescription medications, and safer."...

In addition to the above in regard to your complexion, I have found that after bathing I take a clean wash cloth and soak it in hydrogen peroxide 3% and rub my whole body, face, ears, feet, legs, and all the pits.  You will also be amazed and the results of your complexion by applying this to your body.  You will become squeaky clean and it will feel really good.  That hydrogen peroxide gets into the pores and will lift that old caked dirt right out.  Try it for a week.  You won’t quit.  You can really benefit from some of the most simple of things.

As long as I’m on the health kick; investigate DMSO.  It’s a powerful pain relief product.  I take about 20 drops a day in my drinking water, which makes it taste super fresh, and it keeps me pain free throughout the day.  Sometimes I get stiff and sore in spite of using the liquid DMSO so I use the DMSO cream.  I purchase the  DMSO product on the internet and  If you would like to purchase DMSO products you can go to the following site.  This is the best one that I could find.  Good Luck. http://www.ihealthtree.com/dmso.html   If you would like to read William Fahrel’s book Never An Outbreak you can get it at
http://www.neveranoutbreak.com His book will explain how you can get rid of herpes.  You might compare the price of the product DMSO at both sites before you purchase. 

 Quote from William Fahrel’s book.   DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) is a colorless, nontoxic, water soluble liquid derived from wood pulps.  It is a small molecule that has the ability to penetrate the skin and traverse the body quickly.  It is also a solvent that can dissolve both organic and inorganic materials.  Most solvents do not have this ability.  Therefore its penetrating ability is far superior to other substances.  If you apply a large amount to your feet within moments the body will smell of DMSO which has an oyster or garlic-like smell.  A smaller amount or weaker concentration, used in our procedure, will not cause this odor.

DMSO is used extensively throughout the world as a medical treatment for many inflictions including arthritis, head and spinal cord injuries, infectious diseases, herpes simplex and much, much more.  Over 900 million people worldwide have used DMSO.  It is approved in 125 countries.  At Hospital Santa Monica in Rosarito Beach, Mexico Dr. Durt W. Donsbach uses DMSO and hydrogen peroxide intravenously on every cancer patient with success.  In this country the FDA approves the use of DMSO for interstitial cystitis a bladder disease occurring mainly in children.  Since DMSO has been approved by the FDA for interstitial cystitis, any licensed physician in any state has the right to use DMSO for any and all ailments if he feels it will benefit his patient.  There are thousands of doctors in this country treating patients with DMSO topical, orally and in IV form.

cream and rub it on the sore spots.  Within 20 minutes the pain is gone. 

A word of caution, check to make sure you are not allergic to the product.
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