Relapse Prevention for PERMANENT OCD RECOVERY

Relapse Prevention consists of a four step process:
   Recognizing the new thought as an obsession
   Understanding what OCD is
   Comparing this new obsession to others you've handled with success
   and trusting yourself - taking the risk and just ignoring it.

The Relapse-Prevention skill can be learned in just a few weeks - it is not as lengthy as ERP Behavioral Therapy. Once you learn it, you can let go of any new obsession in about 5 minutes!

You can ONLY do this if you remember your past successful recovery work over OCD, with ANY Behavioral Therapist, (not just with Warren Barlowe) using Exposure-and-Response-Prevention (ERP) behavioral therapy - a special form of Cognitive-Behavioral therapy (CBT).

IMPORTANT NOTE: This technique is NOT used as primary OCD therapy. It ONLY works if you have successfully completed ERP behavioral therapy.

Contact OCD Behavioral Therapist Warren Barlowe at (631) 486-4818 to learn this last skill.