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You’re Next is an American horror movie directed and edited by Adam Wingard. The movie is written by Simon Barrett. He also plays role as one of the masked marauders in the movie. In the beginning of the movie, a couple is engaged in sex. After that, the man showers and woman gets a drink for herself. After the man showers, he sees on the sliding glass door, where ‘You’re Next’ is written with blood. Behind that, he finds the dead body of the woman. He is then killed by the unknown assailant. What happens next? Watch you’re next online free

Watch You're Next Online
Watch You're Next Online

Then, a wealthy family comes to the next door to the house where man and woman are murdered. This wealthy family comes to spend their vacations there. The mother claims that she hears something upstairs. She is threatened by this and wants to leave the place. But her husband ignores her warning and goes to investigate, but he is distressed by one of his sons, Crispian.

Watch You’re Next Online

On the next day, other siblings of the family arrive there. Aubrey sends Erin to the nearby house to ask for some items, as she wants to give secret surprise to Crispian. Erin is Crispian’s girlfriend. When she goes to the house, there is no response as two people who were living there, were killed. Watch you’re next online to know what happens next. You will be surprised and you will have curiosity to know what will happen ‘Next’.

Download You're Next Movie Free

In the next scene, later at the dinner gathering, Tariq is shot with a bolt through a window. It was really a deadly scene. When Drake escapes, he is also shot in the back with a bolt. But he survives. Paul and Aubrey’s daughter, Aimee are killed after running into a trip wire when they escape the house. The trip wire is strung outside the front door and cuts her throat.

Aubrey seeks refuge upstairs but she is murdered by an attacker under her bed. When the family heard her scream, they run upstairs to find her dead body. Again, on the wall, ‘You’re next’ is written found. But Kelly discovers that killer is still under the bed, he escapes and runs to the neighbor’s house. Here, she finds a dead body of a man, but then she is killed with an axe. Crispian escapes the house, but her girlfriend is attacked by the assailant. But she survives and kills her assailant with a meat tenderizer to the head. Before the family comes to the house, Paul discovers the killers are upstairs. But before he warns his kids, he is murdered. It is exposed that Paul and Aubrey’s youngest son, Felix and his girlfriend, Zee, both are behind the murders, who are hoped to become the successor of the family.

Then Erin sets up small traps so that she can catch the killers. She confides a secret to Zee that she was raised by survivalists. Drake awakens but is saved by Erin, killer escapes the house. Then, Erin, Zee, Drake and Felix go to the basement in a hope that there might be some weapon. Erin and Zee leaves the basement, but after that Felix kills Drake. Erin goes upstairs to find Paul but she is attacked again. Again she escapes. Then she runs into the woods, where she is again attacked, but then she comes back to the house. What happens next, inside the house when she comes back? Download you’re next online free 2013

She hears the conversation of Felix, Zee and two others. She finds that Felix and Zee are involved in this mass destruction. She alerts to the police through her text. Erin then kills two masked murderers and above the front door sets up another trap with an axe. But Erin is attacked by Felix and Zee. After the long fight, Erin kills them. At that time, Felix’s phone rings which is picked up by Erin. Crispian is on the other line, this reveals that he is also involved in this murderous conspiracy. When asked by Erin, he tries to explain his actions when he returns to the house. But Erin kills him by stabbing him in the neck and eye.

At that time, a policeman arrives and he sees that Erin stab Crispian. He shoots her in the shoulder. He goes into the house and enters through the booby-trapped front door despite of the warning given by Erin. The axe hurtles towards his face and the film cuts to the end credits with thee words ‘YOU’RE NEXT’ written in blood.