Over the years I've obtained lots of bookmarks.  I'm putting them here, let me know if you find any dead links.

My Blender Bookmarks




Preston Blair Mouth Shapes
    create walking things in Blender


Blender 2.5 Materials and Textures Cookbook
     by Colin Litster of CogFilms.com
Blender 3D 2.49 Architecture, Buildings, and Scenery                                    by Allan Brito
Blender 2.5 Lighting and Rendering
     by Aaron Powell
 Books from Blender.org's eShop


BlenderPython (bpy)


Dev:2.5/Py/API/Intro - BlenderWiki

Getting Started with Blender Coding 
    by Jonathon Williamson


 Suicidator City Generator
Mushroom Script
blender.org - Building Blender

Dev:2.5/Py/API/Intro - BlenderWiki



Introduction to Cycles - Andrew Price
Lighting, Materials, and Texturing - BlenderDiplom
Treasures - Cycles and Gimp video tutorial (vimeo)
Create a Realistic City

Camera Mapping


Camera Mapping Tutorial on Vimeo
Blender Tutorial http://www.blenderguru.com/camera-mapping/ Camera mapping is a clever technique that allows you to take a still image and convert it into 3d geometry for use in an animation.
Colin Levy • Tutorials
Doc:Tutorials/Textures/UV/Camera Mapping - BlenderWiki
Camera Mapping and Projection in Cinema 4D | Alias 3d Media
Camera Mapping and Projection in Cinema 4D
Submerged | Alias 3d Media
Animate a camera through one surface to another below
YouTube - Dice on Craps table pt 1
a two part series making a pair of dice on a craps table using a UV wrap and a bump mapping texture.


Volume Render in 2.5... - Blender Artists Forums
Volume Render in 2.5... Works in Progress


YouTube - Compositing with Blender 2
Compositing with blender, number two.Sorry if it's a bit jumpy. Raw record was 12 minutes long, and I had to cut out lots of pauses.


BlenderCookie - Working with Curves
An online Computer Graphics resource site. Featuring exclusive CG Tutorials, Education, and resources
BlenderCookie - Curves
Light Streaks with Blender - A tutorial by Gottfried Hofmann on using the add-on for Motion Trails. 

General - Multiple

Blender 3D Design Course
Blender Training DVD Tutorials | Modeling | Texturing | Game Creation | CG Masters
Blender 3D: Noob to Pro/UV Map Basics - Wikibooks, collection of open-content textbooks
News and Tuts by Murat Egretli

Light Tutorials


Soft shadows and Area lights - feeblemind
One light studio lighting | Wonder How To
Learn all about how to one light studio lighting with this collection of free how to videos, like Do photo studio lighting yourself, Use a reflector without studio lighting for video, and Build a Photoflex softbox for studio lighting.
itchy animation - illustration and tutorials by Richard Yot
Lighting in Blender Internal Part II : Interior Lighting
Lighting in Blender Internal Part I : Basics
Fall-Off in Blender! - gallery.venomgfx.com.ar




Doc:Tutorials/Materials/BSoD/part1j - BlenderWiki



Modeling 3D Blender LogoModeling a CupMaking SpaceshipsPrecise Modeling Guide

The Science for CG Subdivision

Tree Sapling Addon - How to use

Ivy Generator Addon - How to use

Grease Scattering Tool - How to use



 Building A House in Blender

An introduction to architecture modeling on blender
Model, Texture, and Render a Photorealistic Kitchen in Blender and Yafaray | Cgtuts+
In this 96 step mega-tutorial, you will go through all the motions necessary to construct a complete, photorealistic kitchen scene in Blender, and then render
Tutorial: building a house in Blender 3d software - part 1 on Vimeo
Part 1 - building the house shell. For more see http://blender-house.spaces.live.com/ The tutorial has 3 parts. Walk through the process of creating a 3D model of a house from scratch to the final visualization. The final result can be seen on http://video.msn.com/video.aspx?vid=2d7baa18-4946-4479-b8af-3462920fc377 Blender (http://www.blender.org/) Blender a free open source 3D content creation suite, available for all major operating systems under the GNU General Public License.


BlenderNodePrimer.pdf (application/pdf Object)

Blender.org Page on Nodes

Particles - tut - info


ParticlesInfo:Source/Blender/2.46/Particles Rewrite - BlenderWiki
Doc:Manual/Physics/Particles/Particle physics - BlenderWiki
YouTube - Blender Smoke Tutorial (Part 1)
Basic setup of the scene. Uses billboard method.
Reyn's Blog: Tutorials List

 How To Create Realistic Grass Ben Amend's Tutorial on creating grass. (different than Blender Guru's)

BlenderDiplom.com  Some amazing tuts on particles by Gottfried Hofmann



Doc:Manual/Materials/Properties/Raytraced Reflections - BlenderWiki
Doc:Manual/Render/Options - BlenderWiki
Free Rendering Forum
Fresh Blender News, Every Day
Green Button: Home
Green Button is an initiative from InterGrid that builds the power of a supercomputer into the application on your desktop
Open Rendering Environment (ORE)
Loki Render
Loki Render - Blender render farm
ATPM 10.06 - How To: Distributed Blender Rendering
Lux Render
vSwarm: Free Render Farm - Cloud Computing for Rendering
vSwarm is a community-based free render farm for Blender and LuxRenderer. Learn more and join here.



Blender and Digital Video
Standard 8mm and Super 8mm Film Making




How to render smoke in 2.5Alpha0 - Blender Artists Forums
How to render smoke in 2.5Alpha0 Tutorials
YouTube - How to Make, and render smoke with Ubuntu build of Blender2.5
My first tutorial :PNewest builds are up to download from:http://www.graphicall.org/builds/thanks for watching ;)

 Smoke and/or Liquid Great tuts on Smoke or Liquids by Gottfried Hofmann


Blender Support Desk by Sebastian Konig
Blender Skype or Chat by Leighton Hajicek



YouTube - Blender Materials and Texture Painting pt1
This is the first of several videos showing how I create materials and do the texture painting for a character model.
The Unofficial Texturing Tutorial - Blender Artists Forums
The Unofficial Texturing Tutorial Works in Progress
Normal Map Photography



Basic Introductory UV Mapping From Blender Nerd by Rex Harbey
Unwrap a uvsphere for planets - Blender Artists Forums
better way to unwrap a uvsphere for planets Tutorials
LSCM UV Mapping a Human Head
Manual/UV Unwrapping And Texturing - BlenderWiki



Archive3D.net - Free 13 000+ 3D models. Free Download. No registration
Download Free 3D Objects
CG Resources
My Bookmarked CG Resources - Update 6-6-2008 Off-topic Chat

Trek Meshes

The STMC: Download Star Trek Meshes & 3D Objects for 3DS,Max,Lightwave LWO and trueSpace COB models
Star Trek Meshes (3D objects) free download. Formats like 3D Studio MAX,Lightwave,trueSpace and more. Federation, Romulan, Cardassian, Klingon, Borg, etc.
Star Trek: Blender:: Meshes
Light Probe Image Gallery

Materials Textures

List Of Free Texture Sites
Blender Open Material Repository - download blender materials/shaders for free!
Blender-Materials.org is a community of Blender-Users who provide their materials or shaders for free download under public domain.
[CG Textures] - The worlds largest free texture site
30.000+ high resolution textures, free for personal and commercial use!
Grunge Textures - Free Stock Photos, Textures and Backgrounds
Free High Resolution Textures for Digital Artist. We specialize in weathered and worn surface textures.
textures | VYONYX
/design /visual /excellence


Poles and Loops - Blender Artists Forums
Poles and Loops Modeling
Science magazine cover image - Blender Artists Forums
Science magazine cover image Focused Critique

Other 3D Software

ngPlant - Open Source plant modeling package
Icarus Video Tutorial Series
Alibre Design Xpress 3D Solid Modeler
The Alibre Design Express 3D solid modeler provides 2D users, those who are new to 3D CAD and hobbists valuable functionality free of charge. A list of features follows.
Building a 3D World in After Effects : Adobe After Effects Tutorial
When a project requires a photo-realistic 3D world, After Effects isn't usually the first program that comes to mind. Typically a 3D modeling/animation program is necessary to create virtual 3D worlds, but in this article CreativeCOW contributing editor Bill O'Neil demonstrates creating a 3D world for a TV spot he was hired to direct and post for the Big Ten Basketball Conference.
RADIANCE lighting
SOPack Plugin Pack
An Ivy Generator
NeoTextureEdit    Open source texture creator.


surfacemapguide.pdf (application/pdf Object)


Blender 3D: Noob to Pro - Wikibooks, collection of open-content textbooks
Blender 3D: Noob to Pro/Beginning Tips - Wikibooks, collection of open-content textbooks
Manual/Camera View - BlenderWiki
Visible Earth: Blue Marble 2002
NASA's Visible Earth catalog of NASA images and animations of our home planet
BlenderArt Magazine: The unofficial Blender 3D magazine » ISSUES
BlenderArt Magazine is a Bi-Monthly Publication covering Blender 3D, the Open Source 3D Creation Suite with tutorials and articles on other FOSS as well.
The best free open source 3d tool for 3d models character modelling and animation
Web Design Library — One-stop Web Design Resource
Web Design Library offers free web design tutorials, articles, news, interviews, web design showcase, software reviews, free web design stuff.
OBIRon.Blender - OBI_Ron's Blender Page
Tree making
Cogfilms Webpage
This is the home of the COG PROJECT, an animated 3D film by Colin Litster
Blender Old Versions
WBS+(Web/Blender Studio+)
WBS+. You can learn basic of Blender from tutorials.
Font Drawing (blf) — Blender v2.53 - UNSTABLE API documentation 
Engineering Graphics Tutorials
I am Robert Burke and this section of my website logs mp progress learning 3D Graphics using Blender. It contains tutorials and the Blender Precision Modelling Guide.
Robot simulation in Blender
Blender Summer of Documentation - BlenderWiki
Blender Video Tutorial
Peerless Productions -- Tutorials
Icarus Import Script for Blender 2.41 at BlenderNation
Fresh Blender News, Every Day
Blender 3D Architect
Tutorials - Kator Legaz
Compositing CG and Live Action in Blender
atomicbombtutorial_EN.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Computer Graphics - Infographie - Animation 3D - Aquarelle
Debevec / Rendering Synthetic Objects into Real Scenes
Cubic Terragen HDR Map Tutorial
Swineworld/SwineBlog | all things pig and Blender
Pig images, Blender artwork and scripts
Ott Planetarium - ProductionShare
Hair Fur
Growing Vine
IvyGeneratorClass.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Blender Guru | Useful tutorials, tips and articles
Computer Graphics - Infographie - Animation 3D - Aquarelle
Blender 3D modelling, and game art tutorials on KatsBits
KatsBits easy to follow text and video tutorials on creating game art, modding, Blender modelling, 3D modelling, level design and texture making. /> <!-- #EndEditable --> <!-- #BeginEditable
AtomicBombTutorial_EN.pdf (application/pdf Object)
weilynnCG// Tutorials -
Blender 3D: Product Rendering
Blender DVD Compositing - Special Effects on Vimeo
Use Vimeo to share your videos with only the people you want to. We have a bunch of privacy options so you can choose exactly who can see your videos, like just your friends or everybody.
Blender/Terragen - Blender Artists Forums
Landscape without textures Modeling
Create a glowing neon sign | Blender Guru
CG Cookie CG Video Lesson
An online Computer Graphics resource site. Featuring exclusive CG Tutorials, Education, and resources
Totally Blended |
Alias 3d media free 2d photoshop tutorials and 3d tutorials site
This blog is all about comprehensive tutorial database site featuring free 3D tutorials and 2d tutorials