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My Story

My name is Denny Ray Guymon.  I first noticed a change in my health as I was living in Brazil.  I thought that I would get past it just like anything else but it seemed to hang on.  I would have times where I felt lethargic and almost unable to get out of bed.  These episodes where sporadic and everything that the doctors where trying to give me was not helping.

Time went on and I noticed that the episodes where coming more often.  I knew that I needed to figure out how to overcome this.  I just did not know where to go.  I had talked with so many doctors and they had done many tests on me but they never found a diagnosis.

One day I woke up and I could not see out of my left eye.  It was all cloudy and blurry.  I thought that I must have some sleep in my eye so I went to the bathroom to wash my face and it did not go away.  I also noticed that my eye was very tender to the touch. 

I found out that I had something called iritis.  This means that my iris was inflamed.  I had white blood cells blocking my vision and this is what made it cloudy.  With this diagnosis I was able to get a full diagnosis of my whole body.  After more tests and drawing more blood a week later they told me that I have something called reactive arthritis.

I was somewhat happy that they found out what was causing all of these problems in my body, but I was not sure what the path was moving forward. 

The doctor told me that there are many drugs that they have prescribed for people with auto immune diseases like this one.  She gave me some information on some of them and wanted me to
choose one of them.  I went back to her a week later and told her that I did not like all of the "possible" side effects.  She tried to say that all of the drugs will have side effects of some kind.  And with that I decided to choose a different path.

I did not know at that time what the path would be, but I did know that whatever it was I would not have death as a possible side effect.

I was driving home from working one day and happened upon a radio show that was talking about overcoming food allergies and sensitivities.  This peaked my interest and I wanted to know more. 
I was at that time having many food sensitivities.  The man's name on the radio show was Dr. Stuart Yeager and the show is called "Solving the Health Puzzle" on KNRS in Salt Lake City.   

I contacted this doctor as soon as I got home and I set up a free consultation.  Dr. Stuart Yeager is an accomplished chiropractor and has a wonderful practice in the Salt Lake valley.  He assisted me to overcome all of my allergies and sensitivities.  I highly recommend him.

He is the one that introduced me to a method that an
chiropractor put together called the emotion code. 
Dr. Bradley Nelson is the author of the emotion code book and he has course that anyone can take to become certified in this method.  I am a Certified Practitioner of the Emotion Code.

I have found equal help in learning and doing the emotion code on myself as I found going to Dr. Yeager.  I know that everything works out for a purpose and reason and I hope that you will let me assist you with the struggles that you are having.  Life is too short!  I will get you back to wholeness!

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