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- 03.09.2012: The article "ARABIDILLO gene homologues in basal land plants: species-specific gene duplication and likely functional redundancy" has been accepted for publication in Planta and is now in press. 

- 17.08.2012: The article “Plasma Membrane Cyclic Nucleotide Gated Calcium Channels Control Land Plant Thermal Sensing and Acquired Thermotolerance” by Finka et.al is publisded online in Plant Cell.

See also
the Plant Cell editor's comment "Calcium Channels and Acquired Thermotolerance: Here Comes the Sun and It’s All Right" .  

- 01.05.2012: This joint effort between six labs "Heat shock response in photosynthetic organisms: membrane and lipid connections" is now published in July's issue of Progress in Lipid Research.

- 10.01.2012: The Trends in Plant Science review "Function and evolution of 'green' GSK3/Shaggy-like kinases" is published in the January issue, pages 39–46.

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