I am an associate professor at the IT Management Programme, SeoulTech. My research interest is information security and applied cryptography.
Before joining SeoulTech, I was at Yeungnam University (YU). Prior to working at YU,  I worked at GeorgiaTech Information Security Center as a visiting post-doctoral researcher and research staff. My host was Prof. Alexandra S. Boldyreva. I worked for some crypto projects with her and Adam O'Neill, who was advised by her and is currently an assistant professor at GeorgeTown University. I was also involved in the project regarding spam call prevention over VoIP networks. I worked under the supervision of Prof.Mustaq Ahamad and Dr. Vijay A. Balasubramanianon.
I got my Ph.D. from Computer Science Division, Electronic Engineering and Computer Science Department, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). My Ph.D. advisor was Prof. Hyunsoo Yoon.

I am currently hiring a PostDoc in information security. Please send an email to me (younholee at seoultech dot ac dot kr)