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Brief History

The Young Women’s League, Inc. was organized and incorporated in Washington, DC. in 1941 under the leadership of Doris Carter Mundy, our Founding President, now deceased. She envisioned it as a charitable organization, dedicated to rendering financial assistance to help promote the general welfare of the less fortunate in the DC metropolitan area. Over the years, the League has expanded its efforts and broadened the scope of its projects to aid the sick and homeless, the disabled and retarded, the young and the aged, and has worked for civic, social and educational improvements in the community.


The purpose of this club shall be to maintain an association of persons committed to charitable endeavors; to provide financial aid and services to the needy; and to cooperate with other organizations in advancing the welfare of the community.

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Your donation makes a difference to so many in the Washington Metropolitan area (Washington, DC, Maryland, Virginia, and a small part of West VA). Through your financial support we are able to provide scholarships, food, clothing, medical relief and other much needed resources to so many. Take part and make your tax deductible donation here. Thank you! We appreciate your support.


Women of the D.C. metropolitan area who are in sympathy with the purposes of this organization may apply for membership. The membership shall consist of not more than 40 women.

Selection Criteria

  1. Two (2) Letters of Interest supporting your charitable and civic involvement, one (1) from the applicant and the other letter must be submitted by the sponsoring League member.
  2. A completed membership application.


Women interested in membership must submit their application to the sponsoring member of the club.

Applications must be presented to the membership and must receive a 2/3 vote of members in attendance for approval of membership into the League.

Those persons approved for membership will be notified by mail and will be advised to attend an orientation session prior to the next meeting. * The $50.00 membership fee must be paid at orientation.

We so appreciate your interest in the Young Women’s League, Inc. For seven decades, the citizens of the D.C metropolitan area have been privileged to have an organization such as ours. We hope we will be able to continue to provide an anchor to the community at large. To continue those efforts we need your support.

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