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Windows User Creator


    Windows User Creator is a small compact application that provides Windows' users easy access to creating new users, setting a password and add them to a group, in one shot.

   WUC is designed and programmed in VB, which is one of the best and easy to learn programming languages. The GUI is clean and light weight which uses less resources than most applications on your Windows installation. It also includes a shortcut to User Accounts to set parental controls and/or delete users.

    Don't forget to visit the screenshots page and the youtube video explaining a step by step how to.

    To download a copy of Windows User Creator, please click here.

Easy Windows Control Panel

  E.W.C.P [Easy Windows Control Panel] is an interactive, simple, and easy to navigate application that houses all the control panel utilities. You can open multiple utilities without having to reopen control panel.

  To download a copy of Easy Windows Control Panel, please click here.