Affiliated Clubs

Clubs with Makers exist in schools, community centers, and in neighborhoods. Some are open to new members, and others are only for the youth who are already part of the institution that hosts the club. To add your group to this page, please fill out our Affiliated Clubs Application.

Bay Area

North Bay
We focus on Young Makers in the 12-17 year old range, working out of the DeRose Family garage (aka, "The Lab") in San Rafael. The shop is equipped to do basic wood and metal working, as well as electronics, robotics, and pneumatics. This year we are branching out with tools and materials for molding and casting in plastic.
The Woodshop teacher and Science teacher is starting up a club for HMS students in mid-January. This club is for the school's students only.
Our garage is equipped with a MIG welder, table saw, miter saw, jigsaw, and some other powered hand tools. This club may cater to younger kids.
We have an awesome facility for meetings, brainstorming and all your technical needs. Our resources include computers, art supplies, sound equipment, lego robotics, video production, web and graphic design, ceramics, metal work and a commercial kitchen.  We will be documenting the Maker process from beginning to end and invite all local makers to participate.
  • Project Make at Analy High School in Sebastopol. Contact: Casey Shea
MAKE hosts 24 students from its local high school twice weekly. This is an elective class and students get credit for it. They can also join Maker Club and continue to work on their projects after school. Students blog about their work and use kits from Maker Shed as well as books from O'Reilly. They also use Make: Projects as a source for ideas and instruction. They participate in a number of diverse projects, culminating in a major project reflecting their own interests and demonstrating their own capabilities.

San Francisco
Six high school students who would like to make 1 or 2 projects for Maker Faire.  We have a small shop at the Bay School in San Francisco, but could work elsewhere. Looking for technical mentors, and help with brainstorming projects and setting/implementing a schedule. Several parents to assist, but need a leader. Helped to create Saphira last year, this year...who knows? Creativity abounds!
    A group of high school students interested in building a project to present at Maker Faire 2012 in San Mateo.

    East Bay
    We are working with students in a small charter school. Students use old issues of Make, the internet, and their imagination to come up with a project in groups of up to three students.  This year's class has 22 11th and 12th grade students who have all had experience programming robots, building circuits, using woodworking tools, sewing, and soldering.  They work on their projects once a week during class and two hours a week for homework.  Mentors are planning to attend sessions once every other week to support students' projects.  In addition students keep a journal of their progress online and share this work with mentors to encourage further mentor student interaction.  This club is for the school's students only.
    • Young Sparks in Emeryville - Piedmont - Montclair. Contact: Kurt Fleischer and Sabrina Merlo
  • We are starting a small group of younger makers (ages 9ish-12ish). The name of our group is tentative, pending approval of the kids.
  • This group will start meeting in January 2011.
    Duane is a dad who is interested in talking to anyone who wants to start something small in Alameda with his family.

    • The Athenian Makers Studio (our shop/display space) supports Applied Science (an invention class), The Art snd Science of Making Things class, the Athenian Engineering Collective (club that includes robotics, younger student mentoring, and general engineering), the Airplane Project (our students have built 2 full-sized aircraft spar by spar), the Electric Car project (converting a Honda Civic to an electric vehicle), the Biodiesel project, and an Applied Science Club.
      • North Berkeley Young MakersContact: Chris King
        We currently have 6 kids working on 4 projects. Projects include a go car, a remote control ferry boat, a UFO, and a musical Rube Goldberg Machine.

        A K-10 math and science institute. We design and teach laboratory-based courses that place the student in the position to discover the grand math and science ideas of our time. We have a laboratory space in downtown Berkeley available for a Young Maker Club.
        Both a club and a larger initiative, this group focuses on kids ages 5 to 9. The club will be working with Shannon O'Hare of Neverwas to build an electric vehicle of some sort. Parents will do most of building, with kids helping where they are comfortable. Wherever you are, be in touch with Kiki if you want to work with younger Young Makers.

      • Meeting weekly as an after-school class, seven kids ranging from 2nd to 7th grades work with architect and craftsperson Raphael Cazorla to conceptualize, design and create a lightweight, portable, collapsible piece of furniture, structure or dwelling. Parents are encouraged to volunteer to assist in and/or outside of the class at least once during the semester regardless of skill level, in order to expand the Maker Community and assist children with design and implementation. 
      • This group is 
        for the school's students only.
      • Three brothers who have exhibited at previous Maker Faires welcome other families to brainstorm about everyone's respective projects together.
        This school-based group develops 'Maker' type projects 
         have much of the equipment they need, but they welcome collaboration with Makers. The students
         also write pretty extensive papers on their research and projects. This group is 
        for the school's students only.

        Two sisters and their friends, probably 4-6 kids, ages 11 to 13.
        At Maker Faire, these middle-school students display and demonstrate the inventions made during the course of the year, including new robotic machines and applications and a variety of projects applying the design thinking process at Nueva's ILab.

        South Bay
      • Currently a small group of mixed-age home-schoolers. (This group's name is subject to change.)

      • Elsewhere in Northern California
        YM Club of Chico meets weekends and afterschool on Creative Lane. We plan to attend Maker Faire Bay Area together. We have a great location with 1500 square feet of indoor and outdoor shop space.
        Homeschooing high school teens group in Yuba County
        This group has a very active blog to document their experiences, interests, and projects.
        Meets weekends and after school in a great location with 1500 square feet of indoor and outdoor shop space. New club plans include: computer design and fabrication; scavenging materials; combining tech with natural materials; remaking for ages 12 -18

        Elsewhere in Western and Southwestern US
        A homeschool family of Makers looking for others who want to prepare something for Maker Faire with us. We do work in electronics, woodworking, Arduino, sculpture, foam latex, model-making, metal, leather working.
        This group meets in West Linn, Oregon, and is focused initially on e-textiles and wearable tech.  It is targeted to the 8-12 age group.  We are fortunate to have access to classes for skill building in sewing and electronics through Portland's own Shannon Henry.
        • Super Science Whiz Kids in Anthem, Arizona Contact: Julie Hudy
        This is a school-based club of 3rd through 8th graders. We meet every Wednesday morning. We work on Engineering, Science Projects, Craft Projects, Origami and really anything the kids want to learn!
        HeatSync Labs is the Arizona Hackerspace keeping the Make spirit strong all year long. Our workshop is equipped with tools and experts in metal, wood, electronics, plastics, prototyping, and more. Young Makers is our free-form workshop night for passionate kids. We work with driven, mature young people, whatever the age, to empower them to turn their ideas into reality. No babysitting. No lectures. This is discovery learning and creation.
        We are a group of educators organized to promote the growth of Young Makers in the Greater LA area. At this time we have neither a space nor an identified target group of children, but by June 2012 we will define both. Join us and help Making happen in LA!

        Midwestern US
        • We meet every Saturday afternoon at the Howard Area Computer Clubhouse 
        • in Chicago. Our resources include computers, art supplies, sound 
        • equipment including a recording booth, Lego robotics, video production 
        • equipment, web and graphic design, and an active, dedicated community 
        • of young (grades 5-12) urban and suburban makers.
          • Mt Elliott Makerspace  in Detroit. Contact: Jeff Sturges 
          • The Mt Elliott Makerspace is a community workshop where people go to learn and make things together. We use the Makerspace not only to do cool stuff and make ourselves smarter, but also to address local challenges related to education, economic development, our environment, and personal well-being. We have a modest basement space in an awesome church in Detroit’s East Side. We have some basic tools such as pencils, soldering irons, wrenches and saws. We have computers and the internet, which means knowledge at our fingertips. Most importantly, we have amazing people doing amazing things.
          • Grosse Pointe School District in Grosse Pointe, Michigan.  Contact:  John M. Williams
            First Young Makers program in Michigan and looking to have kids participating at various levels and schools.  We currently have clubs for Shop, Video, Robotics, Music, Technology etc. that we would like to be a part of our new Young Makers program.  We will also be entering a project into the Detroit Maker Faire for 2011.
          Eastern US
              The Hub is a citywide approach to building sustainable, high-quality expanded learning opportunities for high school-aged youth in Providence. The Hub, in partnership with the Providence Public Schools and the Juanita Sanchez Educational Complex, has built a process that connects high school youth to Expanded Learning Opportunities (ELO) resulting in high school credit. The Hub's ELO Community Partners provide students with after school experiences ranging from video game developmentAndroid App developmentWeb Making with Drupal, environmental science, Engineers Without Borders, debate and much more. Each ELO is aligned with National Common Core standards and has been approved by the Providence Public School District. 
              A science & engineering education non-profit working with K-12 students & their families, and university-level engineering students.  The NYC branch has a 2750-square-foot Science Studio in the Bronx does not have all of the tools required to be called a "shop", so we would need to be connected to resources in the local area to see if we can make this happen.  
              • Chester County Makers in Chester County Pennsylvania. Contact: Ben Hylak

              • A small group of Makers in Chester County Pennsylvania, learning to 
              • use basic tools in conjunction with "advanced" tools like milling 
              • machines. We plan to exhibit at World's Maker Faire in New York City. Open to Teens in Chester County.

              • The HTINK Young Makers in the New York City area. Contact: Jon Santiago
              Creates and supports informal learning environments in the New York City area for students to learn about design and tinkering.  In addition to working with traditional hand tools, students also learn about how the physical world interacts with the virtual world through electronics and physical computing. If you live in the NYC area and are interested setting up a Young Maker after-school program in your community, send an email to
              • THINK & Make Club. Odessa, FL. Contact: Michele Chow.

                The THINK and Make Club is just getting started. We are a group of homschooling families with Makers ranging in age from 8-17 years. We want to encourage children to tinker, make, and build.

              • FamiLAB Young Makers in OrlandoContact: Ian Cole
              • FamiLAB Young Makers meet monthly to learn by sharing ideas, showing off cool projects, using new tools, and taking things apart to see how they work. FamiLAB Young Makers will be proudly displaying their projects at the Orlando Mini Maker Faire starting in 2012. FamiLAB is Orlando's Family Lab / Hackerspace - we've got the space, tools, and people to help you grow your big ideas!

              A non-profit Maker space for kids aged 9 to 17. We have a space and are planning a "noisy, dirty" tool workshop, a "quiet, clean" workshop, a lounge and a kitchen, modeled after hackerspaces we've seen. Renovations have just begun! We're looking forward to the kids using online resources, programming, hacking, Arduinos, Flash, Unity 3D and more.
              • The Southern Alberta Young Movers and Makers in Calgary, Canada. Contact: Dean Tickles
              We are in the early development stages of club formation.  Our hope is to invite young makers (grade 7-12) from Calgary and area to gather around projects that they would like to share/exhibit starting in spring 2012.  Our goal is to eventually have this work integrated with secondary schools curriculum so that project development can receive high school credit through off-campus education courses and programs.