Liability Waiver Sample

Young Makers Program Agreements

Assumption of Risk and Release

You agree that you are voluntarily participating in the Young Makers Program with knowledge of the risks of doing so, such as the risks of injury, property damage, or death resulting from the use of potentially dangerous tools or materials, and/or the active or passive negligence of the Young Makers Program sponsors and suppliers, including ________________________________________________________________________  and their respective officers, directors, employees, agents, and exhibitors (collectively, “we” or “us”). You release us from all liability, claims, damage, or demands arising from or related to your participation in the Young Makers Program.


You acknowledge that the Young Makers Program events may be recorded in audio, visual, and/or audiovisual media and you consent to the making and use of such recordings by _________________________________ and/or its licensees for any purpose. You release _________________________________ and its licensees from and waive any claims related to or arising by reason of the making and/or use of any such recordings. You grant to _________________________________ the right to use your name and likeness in connection with the use of the recordings.


You acknowledge that you have read this Agreement and understand that it includes an assumption of the risk and a release of liability. We are relying on this waiver to allow you to participate in the Young Makers Program.


You understand your goal is to define a project and work with other Young Makers and mentors to exhibit your completed project (or evidence of what you’ve accomplished to that point) at Maker Faire (dates: May 21-22, 2011). You agree to use the facilities, tools, and materials in a safe way, and to alert fellow Young Makers, mentors, and/or program leaders when facilities, tools, and materials are being used in a way that could cause harm to themselves or others. You will do your best to come to all meetings. You will provide others with assistance or helpful feedback when you see a way their project could be improved, if such feedback is welcomed. You agree to tell program leaders changes you’d make to the program to improve future workshops. That is: I’ll come. I’ll make something. I’ll help others and stay safe.

Name of Young Maker  ( printed )  ____________________________________________  Age _______

Signature of Young Maker                  ________________________________________ Today’s Date ____________

Name of Legal Parent or Guardian  ( printed )  ____________________________________________ 

Signature of Legal Parent / Guardian _______________________________ Today’s Date ____________