Email invitation for Young Makers members

We are working with the folks at MAKE magazine / Maker Faire, The Exploratorium, and Pixar to create a program designed to support kids who like to build things. A pilot launches in January. 

There are two components to the program:
    (1)    Open MAKE: a series of public talks with Featured Makers and related drop-in workshops
            Saturdays (Jan 15, Feb 19, Mar 19, & Apr 16) at the Exploratorium
    (2)    Maker Club: a group of 8-10 kids who are paired with adult mentors to work on more intensive projects for exhibit at Maker Faire (May 21-22).

Read more about the program at

We would like to invite any interested Young Makers (in grades 8 through 12) to apply for consideration to participate in our local Maker Club. To apply, simply send us an email with your name, age, grade level and a paragraph explaining what makes you a Young Maker! Please only apply if you can commit to completing the entire program.

(Note that, while your application does not guarantee participation in the core group, the public talks and workshops at the Exploratorium are available to anyone who wants to attend them, and anyone who wants to exhibit at Maker Faire in May can do so by submitting a proposal in the spring, whether or not they are part of the Young Makers program.)