Petrograd 1917 (Adventures in the Secret Service)

First aired: 3/27/93
Directed by: Simon Wincer

This episode features a combination of locations in St. Petersburg & Prague. An excerpt from George Lucas: The Creative Impulse:

Disconcertingly, Russian soldiers offered to sell the crew a Scud missle for $10,000, and a nuclear power plant blew up near a filming location (this was actually a radioactive gas leak at Sosnovy Bar Nuclear Power Plant).”

The Palace Square in St. Petersburg.

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This statue honors Tsar Nicholas I and is in the St. Isaac's Square in St. Petersburg.

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The building Indy works at is the Ministry of Culture in Prague.

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The building where Indy & friends lived in this episode was on Snemovni street in Prague, near
the Association of Charles Bridge Artists at Sněmovní 174/7.

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Here is a rare behind the scenes photo of the crew setting up what is presumably the above shot outside Indy's apartment - looking the other direction toward Prague Castle.

The first bridge Indy & Rosa see on their tour of Petrograd's bridges is the Hermitage Bridge over Winter Channel, which flows into the Neva River right next to the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg.

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The next bridge Indy & Rosa walk across in is the Bank Bridge in St. Petersburg, one of the city's most famous landmarks.

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Lastly, they cross Lions Bridge (or the Bridge of Four Lions).

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