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Computer Vision/Robotics


OpenCV Tutorials - Koah Kuntz @ Drexel Univ.

3D Rendering

Songho's OpenGL Tutorial  (Math+DSP tutorials are also available)
Crazy Bump - Normal, Diffuse, Specularity, Occlusion maps from a single image (Free for 30 days)
Blender - Open Source, Cross platform 3D rendering suite
RGBD / Kinect


DirectShow Tutorial (도모네 Blog, in Korean)

MATLAB Computer Vision Tools

Software by Kevin Murphy and students - Probabilistic modeling, Bayesian Network, and so on.  


OpenVidia - Resources for parallel computing for computer vision - a project founded by the Institute for Computer Graphics and Vision, Graz University of Technology

Object Detection Tools and Datasets

CBCL @ MIT - Street, car, faces, and pedestrians
VLFeat - Computer vision algorithm impelmentation

Papers and Conferences

Conference List (Provided by IRIS@USC)


Computer Vision based SLAM

Stereo Camera calibration

Stereo Matching
Stereo Matching with Nonparametric Smoothness Priors in Feature Space - Code available on request
Stereo Matching Summary
CVlibs - libelas (Stereo Matching in C++ / MATLAB) 

3D reconstruction & Multiview

VisualSFM : A Visual Structure from Motion System - Binary available
Clustering Views for Multi-view Stereo (CMVS) - Binary available
Bundler - Binary available
Visual 3D Modeling from Images Marc Pollefeys
MATLAB Function for Multiple View Geometry

Visual Odometry

LIBVISO2 - (Library for Visual Odometry in C++ / MATLAB)    
FOVIS - Fast Odometry from VISion (ISRR 2011)


InerVis ToolboxInertial Measurement Unit and Camera Calibration Toolbox (MATLAB)


RANSAC for Dummies - Ransac Tutorial with MATLAB examples

Data Set

RGBD Dataset and Benchmark (Primesense data & Ground truth in ROS Bag format)
Karlsruhe Dataset (Stereo sequences / Labeled object on streets)    
York Urban Dataset (Elder Laboratory)   

Robotics Stuff

Path Planning

Map representation

Libraries and Toolkits