Youngho Kang

Assistant Professor
Department of Economics
Soongsil University, Seoul, Korea

Ph.D., Economics, University of Colorado at Boulder, May 2011.
M.A.,  Economics, Sogang University, February 2004.
B.A.,  Economics, Sogang University, February 1997.

Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, Soongsil University, March 2015 - present.
Research Fellow, Samsung Economic Research Institute, July 2011 - February 2015.

Research Interests:
International Trade, Labor Economics, Applied Microeconomics.
Publications in International Peer-Reviewed Journals:
[14]  "How You Pay Matters: Performance-related Pay and Learning by Exporting." Empirical Economics, forthcoming[link]
[13]  "Instrumental Variable Estimates of the Effect of Management Practice on Firm Performance." (with Jieun Chang). Journal of Labor Research, 2019. [link]
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[5]  "Is Agglomeration a Free Lunch for New Exporters? Evidence from Chile." Annals of Regional Science, 2016. [link] 
[4]  "Trade, Labor Market Rigidity and Aggregate Productivity in OECD Countries." Applied Economics, 2015. [link]
       ▪  Awarded the 2015 Applied Economics Sir Clive Granger Memorial Prize 
[3]  "Social Capital and Entrepreneurship: a Pseudo-Panel Approach." (with Byung-Yeon Kim), Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2014. [link]
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[1]  "The Informal Economy and the Growth of Small Enterprises in Russia." (with Byung-Yeon Kim), Economics of Transition, 2009. [link]

Working Papers:
"Replaced or Reinforced? Outward FDI and Employment Structure within Firms." (with Eunhee Lee)
"Exports and Firm Employment: the Role of R&D and Exports to Affiliates." (with Unjung Whang)
"Information Technology and Spatial Reorganization of Firms." (with Jeongmeen Suh), Revision Requested by Journal of Economics & Management Strategy.
"International Knowledge Spillovers and Capital Structure of Multinational Affiliates." (with Ryoonhee Kim & Unjung Whang)
"Exporting and Sourcing Strategy"

Other Publications:
"Firm Size and Public Policies for Business R&D Expenditures in OECD Countries." 미래성장연구, Vol. 3, 2017.
"자원시장 슈퍼사이클 분석과 특징" (with 박환일), 농업경제연구, Vol.55 (1), 2014.