What's going on this week in Fitness?

  • This week in Fitness we are introducing bowling for the first time.  Since this is on the other end of the spectrum as far as intensity the focus of each class will be different.  Cadets will be learning how to properly score a 10 frame bowling match.  Your cadet will be working in small groups, to help create a bowling lane.  2 cadets will act as bumpers, 1 as a score, 1 as a back stop for the ball, and one as the returner.  This unit is going to challenge each cadet to be patient and what it means to be a apart of a team.  Cadet will be able to view the game from a different stand point when rotating to these positions.  
Bowling Objectives:
- Be able to effectively work in a small group setting towards a common goal
- understand the rules, and apply them to tournament style play
- will be able to score a 10 frame bowling match