A timeline of common sense verses delusional improbability:

Before earth inhabitants knew how to read and write but had developed the ability to verbally speak and communicate.

At this point: all wisdom and knowledge was passed down to the next generation through stories.

The stories that were valuable learning lessons and stood the test of were passed down and continue to be today.

Sam Harris (common sense of today was lacking back then ...

As reading and writing developed, stories were written down and passed along through the generations. As new better stories were written, eventually the church and society tried controlling what was ‘best’ for society and rounds of book burning and idea suppression occurred and still persist to this day.

When only 1% to 2% of the population could read and write, it was the scribes, monks, religious elite and kings/royalty that held the power to read and write over the common people.

What and whom got Jesus killed ...

Guide books like ‘the bible’ were put together using a variety of stories that were used to help/guide people to live and conduct themselves in a civilized way of life.  As the church soon saw the passed down stories weren’t going to be enough to hold control over the people as they became more able to read and write so they changed the stories as delivered by a deity (creator from above). The delusional brainwashing tactic has never let up since.

As more and more science and reasoning entered the picture of learning how things really worked, more and more things attributed to ‘gods’ doing got debunked. Sun gods, etc, thor, +2000 other ‘gods’ have lost all belief in them.

Give or take a few thousand years when it started to happen: the world population started its journey from being 100% illiterate (can’t read or write) to today where around 98% of the population is literate (can read and write).

If history teaches us anything, it teaches us that if we don’t learn from the history of our past we are destined to repeat it because patterns repeat themselves over and over again in all of nature and the universe.

The stories of history in books like ‘the bible’ don’t foretell what’s coming they are just retelling a story pattern of the past and things repeat themselves over and over and eventually over time we evolve… no deity required.

Written by

Randy Colbert