January 4th - 11th

During this time, YAM had its first, week-long retreat in State College, PA.  Here the team stayed in same house and participated in many activities.  The YAM members helped out at a food bank, helping to sort and deliver food for the less fortunate.  The team also worked at Habitat for Humanity, doing errands for the local site.  Back at the house, they participated in various team building activities and each member led a devotion.  It was a time of fun and bonding!

January 16th - 19th

The team reconvened after a week off in the Crowne Plaza hotel in Philadelphia for the annual EPIC conference.  They listened to different speakers, praised the Lord, played games, and more.  Everything they did helped to bond the members a little more and grow in Christ.  

March 13th

YAM members convened at CCC&C for a day of training.  They parcipated in a workshop about how to teach disabled students- how to act, and different instruction methods.  The team also continued to plan out the logistics of the trip and were given more information about the details of the trip.  At the end of the day, the YAM members were exhausted from hours of training, but they had something to look forward to the next day.

March 14th

A handful of YAM members awoke much earlier than a typical Saturday morning for the Vision Conference in Lancaster, PA.  The mission of Vision Conferences is to encourage students and leaders to become actively involved in God's missionary plan for the nations.