Our No Styrofoam Campaign aims to eliminate use of polystyrene (commonly known as styrofoam) at our school.
We have raised money to support a pilot project to replace polystyrene lunch trays with washable trays.
Our pilot program will be a test to see if we can save the school system money and improve the environment and health of students.

Who we are:
The Young Activist Club, based in Takoma Park, Maryland, is working to eliminate single-use disposable polystyrene lunch trays at the Piney Branch Elementary School, a public school in the Montgomery County, Maryland school district. We are 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders at PBES as well as 6th graders from Takoma Middle School. Two parent volunteers help us out.  We meet once a week during the school year.  Our activities include:
  • doing research,
  • educating ourselves on an issue,
  • teaching others what we've learned,
  • testifying at public hearings,
  • gathering petitions for our cause,
  • writing to local elected officials,
  • requesting meetings with elected officials,
  • tabling at public events,
  • raising money for our project, and
  • seeking media exposure for our cause.
We believe kids can make a difference. We want to make a difference.  This is why we chose a project to improve our school, our community, and the health of each student. We have fun too!  

The Board of Education has refused to approve our project and continues to falsely claim that it will cost $70,000.  
Meanwhile, we have launched our No Styrofoam Business Pledge Campaign!  26 businesses have taken the pledge.  You can too!

In response to our request, the Takoma Park City Council has banned use of City funds to purchase polystyrene food service ware!  Thank you!  Click here for more information.

On November 4th, 2010, our PTA passed a pledge to go polystyrene-free at its events!  THANK YOU PTA!  To see the pledge click here.