Lab News Archive

# Dr. Thapa's manuscript, "Folate-PEG conjugates of a far-red light-activatable paclitaxel prodrug ...." was accepted to ACS Omega. Congrats Dr. Thapa! - Sep. 2017

# Dr. Li's paper, "Quantitative modeling of ... far-red light-activatable prodrugs: implications in stimuli-responsive drug delivery system" was published online in J. Pharmacokinet. Pharmacodyn. Congrats Dr. Li! - Sep. 2017

# Dr. Bio's paper, "Efficient activation of visible light-activatable CA4 prodrug..." was published in Chem. Comm. Congrats Dr. Bio! - Feb. 2017

# Dr. You was awarded Idea Award grant from DoD/CDMRP Peer Reviewed Cancer Research Program (PRCRP) for developing a light-based therapy for Non-muscle invasive bladder cancers! - Jul. 2017

# Dr. Watley's manuscript about dual-functioning BODIPYs was accepted to Chem Asian J. Congrats Dr. Watley! - Mar. 2015

# Dr. You was awarded R01 grant from NIH (National Institute of General Medical Sciences, NIGMS) for Prodrugs for Ovarian Cancers! - Feb. 2015

# Dr. Nkepang's manuscript about targeted light-activatable prodrugs was accepted to Bioconjugate Chem. Congrats Dr. Nkepang! - Oct. 2014

# Dr. You was awarded Idea Expansion Award grant from DoD Breast Cancer Research Program! - Jul. 2014

# The manuscript of BODIPY-fullernene dyads was published in Journal of  American Chemical Society- May 2014

# Dr. Bio's paper about multifunctional prodrugs was published online in Journal of Medicinal Chemistry. Congrats Dr. Bio! - Apr. 2014

# Dr. Awauh moved to MIT for his new postdoc position with Dr. Stephen Lippard. Wish your best Dr. Awuah!

# Pallavi Rajaputra defended her dissertation. Congrats Dr. Rajaputra! - Jul. 2013 

# A book chapter by Gregory Nkepang and Dr. You was approved for press. Congrats Greg and Dr. You! - Jul. 2013

# Dr. Samuel Awuah's BODPY paper was accepted to the Chemistry - An Asian Journal. Congrats Dr. Awuah! - Jul. 2013

# Dr. Moses Bio's paper about visible/near IR activatable prodrugs was accepted to the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry. Congrats Dr. Bio! - Apr. 2013

# Dr. Youngjae You receives Research Scholar Grants from the American Cancer Society! - Apr. 2013

# Pallavi Rajaputra received the Astellas Pharma Awards from the Department (Chem and Biochem) for her research. Congrats Pallavi! - Apr. 2013

# Dr. Ethel Ngen's paper about SO generation from TPP-Rh after two-photon excitation was accepted and is in press. Good job Ethel! - Mar. 2013

# Samuel Awuah defended his dissertation. Congrats Sam! - Dec. 2012 

# Pallavi Rajaputra's manuscript about mitochondira-targeting conjugate PS was accepted - Nov. 2012 

# Dr. AbuGafar Hossion's Double-Activatable Prodrug manuscript was just accepted! - Nov. 2012

# Samuel Awuah's BODIPY review article was accepted to RSC Advances. Congrats Sam! - Sep. 2012  

# Congratulations to Moses Bio for his successful thesis defense! - Jul. 2012