Principal Investigator

Youngjae You, Ph.D.
Professor of Empire Innovation

360 Pharmacy Building

Buffalo, NY 14214

(716) 645-4843 

Curriculum Vitae

2019-                 Professor of Empire Innovation, Dept. of Pharm. Sci., SUNY at Buffalo    

2018-2019         PHF Presidential Professor, Dept. of Pharmaceutical Sciences, OU

2018-                 Professor, Dept. of Pharmaceutical Sciences, OU

2014-                 Asso. Prof. with Tenure, Dept. of Pharmaceutical Sciences, OU

2011-                 Member, Peggy and Charles Stephenson Cancer Center, OU

2010-                 Asso. Prof., Dept. of Pharmaceutical Sciences, OU

2010-                 Adjunct Asso. Prof. Dept. of Chemistry & Biochemistry, OU

2006-2010         Ass. Prof., Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry, SDSU

2005-2006         Res. Ass. Prof., Dept. of Chemistry, SUNY at Buffalo

2002-2004         Postdoc, Dept. of Chemistry, SUNY at Buffalo

2001                  Ph.D. Medicinal Chemistry, Chungnam Natl. Univ., Korea

1997                  M.S. Medicinal Chemistry, Chungnam Natl. Univ., Korea

1994                  B.S. Pharmacy, Chungnam Natl. Univ., Korea

Postdoctoral Fellows and Research Personnel

Menjie Li, PhD

Postdoc (co-advised by Dr. Sukyung Woo)
Luong T. Nguyen, PhD

Graduate Students

Kazi Md Mahabubur Rahman

Graduate Research Assistant
2018 - 

Graduate Students

Ryan WatleyPh.D.
Thesis Title: Design, synthesis, and application of dual functioning BODIPY photosensitizers: a theranostic photodynamic approach for cancer therapy
Current: CEO of 
Go Forward Pine Bluff
Gregory Nkepang Ph.D.
Thesis Title: Development of a new synthetic scheme for vinyl diethers and synthesis of prodrugs for targeted delivery and visible/NIR light-triggered release
Current: Research Associate at OUHSC
Pallavi Rajaputra Ph.D.
Thesis Title: Biological Evaluation of Mitochondria-targeting Photosensitizers and Site-specific Prodrugs
Current: West Pharmaceutical Services
Samuel Awuah Ph.D.
Thesis Title: Design and Synthesis of Near-Infra Red (NIR) BODIPY Dyes for in vivo Fluorescence Imaging and Photodynamic Therapy Treatment (PDT)
Current: Assistant Professor at University of Kentucky
Bio Moses Ph.D.
Thesis Title: A New Strategy for Photo-triggered Release of Drugs by Visible/Near IR Light: Photo-unclick Chemistry
Current: Granules Pharmaceutical Inc
Ethel J. Ngen  Ph.D.
Thesis Title: Mitochondria-targeting for Improved Photodynamic Therapy
Current: Research Associate at Johns Hopkins Medical School

Jason Polreis  M.S. program
Current: Research Associate at Sanford Research/ USD

Postdoctoral Researchers

Dr. Moses Bio 2013-2017
Current: Granules Pharmaceutical Inc
Dr. Pallavi Rajaputra2014-2018
Current: West Pharmaceutical Services
Dr. Pritam Thapa
Current: Research Scientist at Kansas City VA Medical Center
Dr. Gregroy Nkepang 2014
Current: Research Associate at OUHSC
Dr. Abugafar Hossion  2011-2013
Current: Faculty at Cloud County CC, KS
Dr. Bibbin T. Paul 2009-2011
Current: Instructor at University of Connecticut
Dr. Praveen P. Kumar  2008-2010
Current: Senior Scientist at 
1Globe Health Institut
Dr. Rajesh Murthy  2006-2008
Current: Manager at Medicines Patent Pool
Graduate T/R Assistants/Associate and Undergraduates

Matthew Slief, MD studentResearch Assistant
2017 Summer
Christopher Garner

REU student
2017 Summer
Radha Karki, PhDResearch Associate
Bomaonye.R.Tienabeso, B.SResearch Assistant
Mar. 2016
Irene LimUndergraduate Student (Chemistry Major, Williams College)
2014 Summer
Natalie PattenPharmD student (University of Oklahoma)
2014 summer
Bomaonye.R.Tienabeso Undergraduate Student
2013 summer
Vidya Biradar  Graduate teaching assistant
Current: graduate student at University of Oklahoma/ Chemistry and Biochemistry

Srinath Pashikanti  Research assistant
Current: graduate student at University of Kansas/ Medicinal Chemistry

Christopher Johnson  Undergraduate student
Current: graduate student at Roswell Park Cancer Institute @ Buffalo

Diana Miulleryte   Undergraduate student

Alex Bohlmann  Undergraduate student

   High School Students
Allen Chen High School Student (Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics) 
2015 Summer 
Kevin Wang High School Student (Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics) 
2014 Summer 

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