Looking for Unknown Vintage Artists Bios and of their artworks. Can't find it on Artnet, Askart or any Search engines. Perhaps You may have this artist or have information to share?

Did you know that there are many talented artists go un noticed,

 in fact Van Gogh wasn't discovered until years after his death !



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This is a compilation of unknown  obscure vintage artists which are not located on most art databases.   I am an  collector of vintage art and I  buy art for the enjoyment of finding beautiful art works of merit online and in antique shops.  I have a small collection of art work by vintage unknown artists and locating information on any of these artists has been very difficult because many of the artists either have  no or very limited information on any art  databases for these  artists, examples are : Askart or Artnet.  I decided to create a list of artist and limited artist bios on information which could be found on each of these artists. Many of the artworks have hard to read signatures or not enough information on the artist available.  Most of the artist names found are  compiled  from my personal collection  and other names were found on auction, online shops, and other art resource sites . I have included a series of articles, artist biographies of these artists and their art work along with their images.  I have only placed the images I am authorized to post online which are past and present artworks in my collection.   Many of the names I have found online are mainly from auctions and individual artist pages.  I have found many of the artists listed on this site www.shopgoodwill.org, here you can type in the artists name in their search box , they keep the auction information up till six months.  I am not affiliated or have any ownership in any of the auction sites I list.   This is a site where I mainly find many of the artists names and thier unusual artwork.  Some of the names I compiled are from Ebay auctions as well, and ww.auctionworks.com

 The images on this site are artwork  are from my collection, some pieces I have owned in the past and others I currently own .

I have included information on artist free lance jobs, artist contests, art history links, private individual sites, art and antiques sites, free resources such as artist indexes and antiques search indexes. 

This site is a work in progress and would greatly appreciate any content contributions from the public on any vintage art work where information on the individual artist is limited.  Send in any images and information you may have on an individual artist and it will be posted on this site.   The collected information will be posted on this website for research, educational purposes and which can be accessed freely.  I have posted my email at the base of page and would appreciate any information or comments on how to improve upon this site.   Thanks

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