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I tried out this ‘You Get Paid Fast’ program, created by Paul Darby, where you don’t bother with online payment processors like Payza or Solid Trust Pay. Because I, and many others, have recently had problems with them, I started looking for a simple program that was easy to get started and paid you fast without needed to jump through hoops to get paid.

I've had several requests, and have seen a need, to recommend something like that to others who don’t want more complicated programs to promote. So I found one like that and decided to try it out myself.

What I liked about this program was that you actually use money orders to pay the starting fee and get paid yourself. Remember those? LOL. It also uses viral marketing to get your info out there without you having to do extra work. You still have to do some work, of course, but not as much as a normal program without a viral component. There aren’t anymore upsells or admin fees so that was way cool too.

Anyway, I really liked the concept and it is very simple, so what I did was go to my local post office and bought 4 money orders for $7 each (since its $28 total one time fee to get started). For your $28, you are receiving useful software to resell to others. (See details here)

So I followed the instructions on the page, got the 4 snail mail addresses I needed to mail out those money orders, and signed up for my account.  (You can’t actually sign up for your account until after you’ve gotten your 4 addresses)

I then had to wait like 3 days, after mailing out the payments, for those 4 people to confirm receiving my payments, and then my own site was activated for me to promote. I started to promote right away and the very next day, I had a member who was already sending $7 my way. You can see this in the back-office. Cool! I am expecting many more money orders in my mail box now…

This is something I can recommend for people looking to add some income in something that is simple to do, easy to get paid, and without the headaches that online payment processors cause…

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~Mike J Anthony

Mike J Anthony

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