Welcome to Plato's Cave; The Science of Oneness

In Plato's Cave people were only aware of the world as it appeared to them. They had no idea about how the world really was.

The difference between the real world and how the world appears to us is what this site is all about.
You experience many things that are not true at a fundamental level. 

We should not be too sure that our everyday view of the world is the most correct and comprehensive possible


You are not isolated or separate from the universe. 

There is just one energy field that includes everything, including the you that you assume yourself to be. It feels as though you are a separated 'me', but this gives a wrong picture about the true nature of reality.

The me is part of everything that exists.

The feeling of a separated me that is assumed to have a free will has been placed into the organism by evolution. You have not had any influence on that. In the book the Science of Oneness information is given about the difference between how the world appears to you and how it really is.

  • Is what you see outside the world as it is or are you looking at an image that exists in your head only?
  • What is really outside?
  • Who are you, is the separation that you experience between the 'me' and the world real?
  • Does free will exists?
  • Is there a separate entity that could have free will?
  • Is there life after death? A critical examination of visions about reincarnation and the afterlife.
  • What is consciousness exactly? A detailed description of what consciousness really is.
  • Do only humans have consciousness or do animals also have consciousness?
  • Can machines like robots develop consciousness?
  • What could happen within the next fifty years? The future of humanity examined.
  • If everything is one why don't we experience it that way?
  For answering these questions attention is being given to the viewpoints of:
  • Neurologists (Antonio Damasio, Daniel Wegner, Dick Swaab)
  • Physicists ( Stephen Hawking, Gerard 't Hooft, Albert Einstein)
Here is a video of 10 minutes about the main ideas of the book.


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