Poetries II
  • One Post Midnight
  • Illithia (From the Dark Fae tradition) 


One Post Midnight


one midnight (post midnight) free flow

automatic writing

a key to the psyche

a key to the dada

one midnight later writing 



 I sit at the heart of the flames and you loko

through to see nothing but the pounding

of a billion

brass bands

and do you understand that there is

religion I mean an art

to religion and religion to art

and everyone must do

nothing knowing I am messiah as you and sleep

dopes not come but 

line breaks into the head

forced hard head forced hard head

into the lagging

like Tzara dragging

and pin pan pong

making sounds like the water well

fall under the spell

dop you associate

no sir no sir not I

and five and ten

fell to the bakers pie

alas, alas, alas

we cry

we die,

and the millions



lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie to

say they

are killed. 



one midnight

opast midnight

the loneliness

is just fine

when I accept

that I'm built mad.



(From the Dark Fae Tradition) 

Borne from the passion,

in flame,


the love and rage of the mother

who sank the teeth in

almost killed the babe

at barely two minutes age

born from hatred

crossing of the eye

he grew to forge the great castle

where many would fall

before the terrible wall

they would fall

and they would die--


Tribute to mother matron Goddess,

 though she be evil

it is her we must bless.

Raise thy cup

and raise it high,

to Illith and her land,

and her son, Illithi.