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"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."

Thomas Jefferson


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 Three About Agression (Israeli)

 Why I Could Never Recognize The State of Israel


PLease enjoy a collection of photos from Israel's war of agression.
With Newt Gingrich saying we need to fight in this WWIII,
even though Israel is the country violating international laws and UN resolutions.
Why? All becuase the US vetoes everything that is inconvenient to Israel.
Don't believe me? Here are the resolutions the UN has passed conerning Occupied Palestine.
Funny thing, the US Vetoing anything that suggests Israel isn't such a heroic place.
The great George Galloway has a lot to say.
I must repeat again that a wall sperating people becuase it's "bad" for them to mix and see we're all just people, is Apartheid in no uncertain terms.
And we must understand that Israel started the current violence, and Palestine did not ask for it-- not to mention Israel's bombing of building the soldier they claim to be looking for might be placed in-- as children were bombed while on the Beach. This is the same government (Israel) that runs incredible, sickening, Child Prisons.
Hilarly Clinton and Elie "Makes things up" Wiesel of course are cheerleading Israe'ls agressive invasion of Lebanon and of course, Gaza.
The point is this-- it is neither Palestine or Lebanons fault, both taking military action becuase of threats to their well being by a neostate created by a group of racists.
(And Here. And Here.) Let's face it, Israel just moved the rightful inhabitants of the place becuase they claimed they'd been forced out. Bullshit-- they moved, as groups of people are bound to do. And the "uncultured" philistines/Palestinians went on living as they had, keeping their land. Their land. And who doesn't fight for their property?And by the wya, shouldn't a group of people, discrimnated against for the longest time, decide that their best interests would be served by defending those impoverished minorities? Instead of killing them?
I guess not, when you can use US funds to pay for cool war gadgets like Nuclear Tipped Harpoons.


disclaimer: I started out as an american supporting israel, buut modern events as I grew up have shown me that they are nationalist racists. People suggest rachel corrie was a terrorist for standing up to a bulldozer collectively punishing the palestinians. Alan Rickman and I know she's a hero. Not that they want you to learn about it.
and if you suggest she's a hero, you get yelled down by her 'terrorist' actions-- burning the us flag (political speech) and standing in front of a bulldozer about to crush the homes of whole family units. It goes to show, the thickest blood is from Israel. slowly and surely, and not without some resistence, I became very anti-israel. I even got a 'you're not wrong' from a jewish friend who talked about the horror of having to spend time in a camp that went rah rah for israel. the final straw was when I had to give a religion paper-- mine was fine, on the religion of shinto. I love the weddings. But a black friend wanted to study Islam. Unfortunately, since this was a group project, a bunch of jewish american princess pro-israel girls heade the project, and insisted sucidie bombing wast he whole picture. my friend wrote about the traditions from a positive point of view-- they cut his contribution out of the project, and went with the all arabas are muslim are terrorist theory. I of course then got into a verbal sparring match about the rights of invaded peoples. I realized israel doesn't need any help-- and the invaded and displaced palestine, punished for the atrocities of the germans (as the president of Iran put it) became and continues to become my root cause. In fact, this is the thing that probably inspired me most of all towards what I am trying to do with education-- put it to use to help the truly downtrodden. That considered, most of these sites could be called 'agenda' oriented. But the fact remains is they are researched.

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Depressed Yet?

two more... things.

Noam Chomsky interviewed about Israel's illegal actions.
 one of those anti Jewish state pro Jewish homeland people.
 The analysis is very good, over all. But I strongly suggest Israel is more in control than the US.
 Consider, in fact, the controversy over something that makes sense: there is an Israeli lobby in the US.

And Canadian citizens are targeted by Israel. Combine with the two deaths of Germans, and the attack on an egyptian ship operating in international waters.

You know, out of all the suicides and suicide fakes, I never doubted that Dr. Gonzo blast his brains out. Maybe this is part of the reason why. That scandal has been suggested as not actually having ended. I mean Boystown. The other reason is obvious: the world is now, as it has ever been, run by what most would call "evil" should they believe in religion/spirituality. I don't but the world is a very unpleasent place-- it is no wonder, to me, that one might choose to decompose underground instead of wait for the third world war around.

And finally: Have a Wonderful Day-- A Wish from the IDF

unpleasent, isn't it? This is the cost of nationalism.





On the Haditha Massacre


You know what just wont go away? Haditha. You know why? Because, as usual, American soldiers killed old men, women, and children as part of their constant policy. I need say no more on thatneither My Lai nor Abu Ghraib were isolated incidents but rather clear indications of Genocidal, Racist tendencies of this fascist Police State.

Now some marines are getting bitchy at Murtha becuase you see what he's saying are obviously only opinions not facts. It's apparently not a fact that marines kill people, are trained to kill people, etc. It's like the whole goddamned ID debate. Of course there is proof... in fact, I was listening to the BBC World service, and they spoke of Haditha, photos and stuff of the dead children.

And I'm thinking now that those who said, "this war isn't like viet nam" are idiots-- it is like viet nam. Directly against an imagined enemy that is a word (earlier "communism") and not substantial, this war is also based on the One-god head capitalist greed that proposes to create classes of people, instead of seeing all brothers and sisters.

This isn't pleasant to anyone who still likes to think the military exists for a legitimate purpose. If only we'd listen to that one Republican, about an either wanted or unwanted Military Industrial complex, the guy that got us out of the "forgotten war", that is, Korea. (Another failed attempt to derail popular peoples movements.)

This all comes from the chauvanistic society that says Men have to rule, especially the old impotent men who don't have love anymore. Old farts bitter about thier bisexual wives and lesbian daughters. We can't seem to finally accept the equality of the sexes-- or even give women decent pay. It's the truth about this system, it was created and continues for the purpose of making sure a few Elites, in the old Calvinist way of thinking, get to rule. Becuase the people, they say, are idiots.

The only reason that's the case is becuase the old men make it so. They don't want their sterile ideas challenged. Just like Freud couldn't accept that perhaps his ideas, while revolutionary, needed major editing.

But, back to the original point. Some people suggest that this isn't on the scale of My Lai, and so we should treat it as less serious. Apparently, "sand-nigger" children don't count because they can't possibly understand what a representative democracy really is.

But,  you protest "They hate our freedoms," like the ignorant jackanape you are. Oh yes, we are so free that we can't even read what the fucking second amendment actually says-- which astonishes me, becuase it clearly says that citizens in a militia group are allowed to keep and maintain arms for the public defense. That's it. Your state can make laws regulating other gun usage. We are so free we spend so much money on 'defense', including seven million every four years for America's Hitler Youth, the Boy Scouts, but cannot possibly use a meager amount of one million to establish a sister branch of government called the Dept. of Peace. And this is becuase of the old men that calculate they can make so much more money this way.

When you kill women and children, it is a war crime. It doesn't matter how many you kill, becuase it is still the same grevious offense. Oh, is that not putting enough value on a human life? Well maybe you people should try such a value as you are now protesting, and stop KILLING PEOPLE.

You don't like Murtha, fine. But this ridiculous assumption that just because something doesn't immediately appear related to something else, like the overall policy of making the poor poorer and the rich richer, continuing the perpetuation of a decadent system. But if he can't say that a crime is awful, that murder is wrong is just stupid. Even a hawk will agree that you can't just go in and "let god sort it out." That kinda shit turned the soldiers against the vietnam war.

AND THEY WERE NEVER SPIT ON. The reason not is becuase when they returned, they tended to start working on the side of peace activism. To right the wrongs they did in killing people for a unneccesary, brutal war. We can only hope that todays military wakes the fuck up and does the same. I don't think it's likely though-- without a draft, the people that sign up are the Ronald Reagan cowboy and kill people type that just want to see someone go down before their hands. There are a few good people, I'm sure, but the majority tends to kill innocents.

And this will continue, the war, the killings of innocents overseas, the impoverishment of the american people. The country is dead, gone the way Trotsky-- all our ideas and ideals, everything we are supposed to stand for Justice, Equality, Liberty have been ice picked to the fucking forehead. And as that document that bvoldly declared the colonials of America would defend themselves as they created a new nation, it is time to find a way to force a change into the system, or if it's as broken as it seems (the people no longer get to even pretend their vote matters, as noted in RFK's Rolling Stone article) we must break away and establish a new government that makes HUMAN SENSE.




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