Sonic Expirimental Jive

What is Dadapra?

It is Dada, and sonic dissonance.

It is sampling and looping.

It is singing.

It is a combination of all of these things into a whole,

that ends up the same as nothing.

Dadapra is life Dadapra is death Dadapra is.

It is the new movement towards subconscious particle levels

and a rage against the established fence.

Dada + Opera = Dadapra.


Dadapra Lyrics & Links




The Paranoiac-Critical Bio-Musical



1) Overture/The Madonna of Port Lligat/My Brother/Ma Mere Ma Mere




2)Residencia/Paris/Un Chien Andalou/Gala




3) Paranoiac-Critical Theory/A Lecture by the Saviour/The Burning Giraffe/Premonition of War




4) Expelled=Feces=AnarchoMonarchism=Me/Teatreo-Realization/The Death of Gala/Paralellism/The Death of Dali