The Collected Works of E. Steele

Works of the Poet/Prophet/Priest





the essays

New Sons of Liberty Dispatches - Writings on th Militant Movement towards Real Human


Total Art - "rediscovery of the
                         place of the complete
                         cosmic consciousness of
                        human orgasm through
                        the genitals in art"


the fictions

Genesis of Another American God - Serialization of my 2006 NaNoWriMo Novel.

Horsefeld Gardens - A Romantic Serial in Three Parts.

New Theatre - A Collection of New Works for The Stage (the temple).

Ruination by Opera - A Series of Scripts for the New Film. [Temporarily Offline]

Like Lee Van Cleef - A Short Script based on the suggestion that a small town becomes like the old

west, and so cowboy movie hero types need to return.

Expeditionary Intent - A Short Story that is the syllabus of an upcoming road documentary and

related book. Underway perhaps in Spring or Summer 2008.


 the poetries

Poetries I - A Collection of Poetries/Poeticals/Poetics for the New Age.

Poetries II - More, Fresher Poetries.

Requiem Mass Poem -- For 3 Voices & A Chorus, halfway New Theatre and Dry Opera, a sacred piece

to be spoken in the choral fashion.

Prayer - To Aphrodite, my Patron Godess, who moves me spiritually from time to time.

Vision (to E--) - A small poem of my recent divinations.


multimedia projects

Harbingers of Sharon's Coma - Myspace Page for Expirimental Music.

Dadapra - Soundfiles and Explanation of a New Sampling Music Movement.

Videos - Links to Videos.


 Dada Poster, by E. Steele aka SurrealMod



E. Steele Books on Lulu  - A Store, Where one might Purchase, should they choose, some of the writings

not here available.

DeviantART: SurrealMod - Pictures, Writings, etc. in the Artistic Field.

SurrealMod's Clutter - An Earlier Archive of Writings and Juvenalia.

SurrealMod's Livejournal - Earlier Writings, Dramas, Etc in the Journal Format.

E. Steele on Myspace - E. Steele's Presence on the Popular Website.

   E. Steele Myspace Blog - Writings on Random things posted to Myspace.