Bioinformatics Center - Bio-knowledge Engineering - 
(Laboratory in the Institute for Chemical Research) 
Postdoctoral Researcher
Doctor in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Kyoto 
E-mail: yotsus at 

My research is focused on the application of novel algorithms, machine architectures, and statistical frameworks to build key modeling properties of biological gene networks, specifically combinatorial models methods for inference of gene networks. My main application interest lies in problems in agriculture, both at the micro (molecular level) and in the macro scale. This has led me recently to considering problems of gene-environment interactions and their effect on diseases, understanding the nature of dietary intake patterns in humans and the effect of those patterns. My goal is to apply bioinformatics for the developing and applying computationally intensive techniques (e.g., pattern recognition, data mining, machine learning algorithms, and visualization) on biological data, which gives the opportunity to quickly and efficiently study heap of genomic information, chemical structure, and functional, structural and evolutionary relatedness of molecular, cell, species and organism in its relations to both food sources and its effects of the host organism. 
My current research focuses on using gene expression data to understand information processing within gene regulatory networks.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you want any additional information or if you are interested by a research collaboration.

Highlights of my skill and interest include:
  • Deep analytics and creative ways of finding trends in data
  • Efficient statistical approaches for huge and multi-level datasets 
  • Data mining and pattern recognition using modern age techniques such as non linear modelling
  • Time series analysis
  • Forecasting and predictions 
  • Database queries for analytics
  • Visualization and story-telling