Yota Katsikouli

Research Associate

University of Copenhagen

I am a research associate (post-doc) at the University of Copenhagen, working at the DATA4ALL collaboration project between the Department of Computer Science and the Department of Law. Before that, I have worked as post-doctoral researcher at DTU Compute, with Prof. Nicola Dragoni on Blockchains for Food Supply Chains, at University College Dublin, working with Prof. Robert Shorten and Dr. Francesco Pilla on Sharing Economy related projects and as a post-doc fellow at Inria, Lyon, in the Agora team, with Dr. Razvan Stanica and Dr. Marco Fiore on characterization and analysis of mobile phone location data. I received my PhD from the University of Edinburgh, UK, in 2017, supervised by Dr. Rik Sarkar. During my PhD, I spent 5 months (from May 2016, until September 2016) at Inria, Saclay, working as an intern with Dr. Aline Carneiro Viana and Dr. Marco Fiore.

My Diploma in Computer Engineering and Informatics and my MSc in Computer Science, were received from the University of Patras, Greece, in 2011 and 2013 respectively.

Research Interests:

• Human mobility and analysis of spatiotemporal data

• Blockchain technology for supply chains

• Online and distributed algorithms

• Algorithmic aspects of Wireless (Sensor) Networks

• Development of data analysis tools

• Sharing economy

• Privacy in spatiotemporal data

• Machine learning applications on human mobility and sensor data analysis