About yoshida dormitory(english page)

Introduction of Yoshida Dormitory - .Autonomy Committee of Yoshida dormitory.

This information of Yoshida dormitory is one of introductions of each dormitory belongs to Kyoto university.


- Wooden two story's building. Age of building : about 100 years.

- 120 room of Japanese type with Tatami floor.

- The new building was completed in 2015. 60 room of Japanese type with tatami floor. 

- Room arrangement : committee consider resident's preference but no one is promised (basicaly, one share a room with someone, unless one needs a special and urgent consideration).

- Rent : 2500yen / a month. (400yen to keep a room, 1600yen for public utility charges and 500yen for residents committee association fee.)

- Free to use : bathrooms, shower rooms, laundries, and kitchens a These are all shared.

- A lot of furniture and equipment to borrow. (You are strongly recommended to buy these ones after entering and checking at Yoshida dormitory.)

<Contact> Address : 69 Yoshidakonoecho, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture (Postal code : 606-8315)

Tell : 075-753-2537 or 075-753-2538

Web : https://sites.google.com/site/yoshidadormitory/

E-mail : yoshidaryo.jichikaigmail.com (Please change ★ to @ when you send e-mail.)

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