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06 Apr 2014
Publication of the book, titled "Pollutant discharge and water quality in urbanisation" from Springer.
Contents of this books are:
(1) water quality in the rivers and coastal areas,
(2) pollutant load and water quality,
(3) soft measures in households,
(4) relationship between economic development and pollutant discharge per capita (PDC),
(5) municipal wastewater pollutant discharge control, and
(6) water and sanitation in developing countries.
This book is intended to university undergraduate and graduate students in the fields of environment engineering, environmental and ecological economics, development economics, environment policy and related fields, and professionals and specialists in these fields in both developing and developed countries.

23 July 2011
A chapter manuscript "Chapter 6: Sanitation Development and Roles of Japan", in Joel M. McMann ed. Potable Water and Sanitation, 266p., Nova Science Publishers, Inc., has been added to my publication list.

2 May 2011
High radioactivity in Sewage was found in late April, 2011, in a wastewater treatment plant in Fukushima Prefecture after the nuclear plant accident. I have prepared a link page to information on radioactivity in sewage.


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