Yosha as of 11/8/17

I've decided to remove my Sorcerer guide since it will no longer be relevant in the upcoming content. We're in the preparation phase for the upcoming content that changes almost everything and I dislike having outdated information left alone. Making my Sorcerer guide depends on my tennis schedule, job, and motivation. In other words it may or may not happen. If someone does make one before me, then I'll stop working on mine. 

Yosha as of 09/15/17

Wasn't planning on it but got lots of request to update my Sorcerer Guide for Velik's Fate. It has been updated. 

Yosha as of 05/21/17

Velik's Sanctuary guide is up. 

Yosha as of 04/30/17

Velik's Temple (placeholder name) guide can be previewed now. This is not finalized yet, but to give you all a sneakpeek of what to expect out of my guide.

Yosha as of 03/28/17

KTERA's Latest Gear Set is updated

Yosha as of 02/11/17

KTERA - 13th Class Skill List is finished

Yosha as of 01/04/17

Yosha's Ruinous Manor Guide is finished

Yosha as of 10/19/16

Tera Sorcerer Prerelease Guide [Spellbound Patch] is up for preview

Yosha as of 10/7/16

Tera Sorcerer Guide [Aces Wild] is finished

Yosha as of 7/17/16

Manglemire dungeon guide is finished.

Yosha as of 6/15/16

Tera Sorcerer Guide [Secrets & Shadows Patch] is finished

Yosha as of 5/27/16

Shadow Sanguinary dungeon guide for Normal and Hard Mode is finished. 

Yosha as of 5/06/16

Shadow Sanguinary 5-man dungeon guide in the works. I'm not interested in making a guide for Demokron Factory. 

Yosha as of 4/22/16

Class Changes #10 added. 

Yosha as of 4/15/16

Sorcerer Guide for Dawnfall patch is finished.

Yosha as of 3/27/16

Editing Sorcerer Guide for Dawnfall Patch. ETA for finishing is unknown but I'm going to be very direct with few words as possible. 

Yosha as for 3/08/16

Added Boss #3 - Nightmare Desolarus (HM). Check it out!

Yosha as of 2/28/16

Added Ninja Elin KR Skill/Glyph page. Check it out.

Yosha as of 1/28/16

Class Changes #8 revealed since I'm now certain what's coming out for Class Changes #7 from the Japanese server. 

Yosha as of 1/14/16 

Sorcerer guide for Knockout Patch has finally released to the public.

Yosha as of 12/29/15

Alright, starting to work on Sorcerer Guide for Knockout Patch. 

Yosha as of 12/18/15

Phase 1 of Forsaken Island guide released to the public. Sorc guide still in the works but I need to double check some things before making it public. 

Yosha as of 11/24/15

Working on Forsaken Island guide and upcoming Sorc guide. ETA: dunno.

Yosha as of 10/26/15

Got most of my stuff transferred here now. I'll be making the final adjustments on Class Changes #6 once Korea finishes updating their content. That's about all I plan to do, for now. 

Yosha as of 9/26/15

Yellow guises, I'm in the middle of transferring most of my TERA information all in here. So sit tight until I learn how all this stuff works!

Yosha as of 9/24/15