Boss #2 - Viyor

Viyor isn't that hard compared to the first boss. It may be a minor inconvenience, but this boss has a weird hitbox when he does his attack where your tank clips through the boss. Alway, keep this boss in the middle of the room since you don't want to touch the ghosts that surround the room. Touching the ghosts momentarily prevents you from using any skills and you take Damage over Time. In Normal Mode you'll see the attack patterns shown on the ground but not in hard mode.

Most of you should be familiar with the Giant's normal attacks, so I'll be skipping the details on his basic attacks.

 The Hop

When the boss hops in the air and lands it does very minor damage in Normal Mode where it's almost not worth dodging if you want to commit to your skills. However in hard mode there will not be any circle indicators and it'll actually blast you away where you may end up touching the ghost running around the room. The video clip to the left is shown from hard mode version. Normal mode is not worth dodging but in Hard mode it's worth dodging as you can tell.

Multi-Carpet Lines

Lines will spawn on the ground and you either need to move away or i-frame them. In Normal Mode it deals 50k fixed damage per hit, but in Hard Mode it does 70k fixed damage per hit. If you look closely at the ghost, you'll see icons above their head signaling you this attack. You can also tell based on the boss awkwardly standing there doing nothing for a brief moment so you'll know when to prepare yourself to get out of the way or dodge.

 Stun Fist 
(Hard Mode Only)

Whenever the boss shows a red glint on his eyes, he will do a back hand swing that will stun you for a few seconds. It can be blocked but in case you are wondering how you got stunned, now you know.

Double Axe Explosion

The boss will randomly target a player and he/she will get a large orange circle. After it explodes, it'll burst again. The second explosion will knock you backwards, so wait until after the second explosion to move back to that spot. The first tell of this attack is when his weapon has a huge glow when he raises it into the air. The orange circle is also significantly larger on this attack than any other.

 Thunder Circle

The boss will say "Be gone!" while he raises his axe in the air with a purple glow. As soon as he swings the axe down, everyone will get an orange circle that will explode seconds later. If you fail to avoid it, you'll take fixed damage (NM - 60k / HM - 100k). In addition it'll silence you for 3 seconds just like the ghosts on the sides of the room do. The timing on when to dodge is different between normal and hard mode so watch the video closely.

  Small Orange Circle

This AoE attack can be blocked depending where you stand on the circle. If you are blocking by standing closer to the front of the circle then blocking won't work whereas if you are standing further from the center of the circle then you can block it just fine. In most cases for Tanks, it's better to be safe by i-framing.

(Hard Mode Only)

Whoever is furthest from the boss will get targeted by this attack, so a healer is preferred to keep their distance from the boss, and ranged DPS should stay closer to the boss. The boss will throw a puddle on you that does damage. When you stand in the circle it applies a slow debuff for 4 seconds and you'll take 10,000 damage per tick if you continue to stand on top of it. When the puddle lands on the ground you have time to get out, so you don't have to immediately use an i-frame to avoid getting hit. For example, a Priest can use Fiery Escape in time when the puddle lands or a Mystic out of combat can simply run out of the circle. The puddle will disappear over time.

Large AoE Mechanic

This special attack will begin as soon as the boss reaches below 80%, then he'll repeat this same attack again approximately 1 minute and 30 seconds from now on. The boss will say "Let's see if you can survive this!" while he moves towards the center of the room to prepare to deal 150,000 damage on everybody. You'll need to touch the ghost that are running around the room to become invisible for 3 seconds. This buff prevents you from getting one shot by this attack, but you cannot use any skills in the meantime, and it does damage per second to you. Multiple players going after the same ghost will still work fine. TIP: Defensive skills from Sorcerer (Warp Barrier), Gunner (Command: Recall), and Reaper (Retribution) will prevent from getting hit. However you must time Sorcerer and Gunner's skill the moment after his axe hits the ground. If you do it too early you'll die after your defensive buff is up. For Reapers you do it earlier. For other classes, if you have Warding Scrolls with you, Relentless crystals, and even Kaia's Shield from Priest then you can survive this attack if you want to get fancy. Lancer can also use Iron Will as well to survive.

 Ghost Aggro
(Hard Mode Only)

A ghost will start following a ranged DPS or healer, and it will explode moments after catching up to you. The ghost won't do any damage if you touch it, so it won't give you that invisible debuff. If you do get hit by the explosion it'll deal 100,000 direct damage. You can simply just move out of the way while you are in combat and you will not get hit when it explodes.

Guaranteed Drop | Rare Drop

Normal Mode Reward
Tier 8 Feedstock (8)
Dread Ore (1-3) <VM6 crafted material>
Ancient Wish
Titan's Ease (1-4)