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A big HELLO to all the lateral thinkers and non-conformists!!!!

The aim is to create an EcoVillage based on the principles of a flourishing environment, including humans, animals and plants...

This is about to be our participation in the world, our political statement, our fight against injustice, our responsibility towards our children, our share in the unpredictable, self-destructing-reforming-redustructing-recreating waves of evolution...

Short intro:

Finestras is an abandonned village in the Spanish Pyrenees. Our vision is to create a self-organizing EcoVillage based on principles of Perma-Culture, Artistry, Spirituality, Community Life, and the Leitmotif of aesthetics+functionality

The region we want to introduce to you is called Viacamp y Litera, which is in the Ribagorza in Aragon in Spain.... Viacamp y Litera is an almost completely deserted place with about 5 or 6 (!!!!!!!!) abandoned villages and one or to inhabited. All in all it is an area of about 50km to 30 km with no more than 30-40 people.

The region is halfly encircled by the river "Noguera Ribagorzana" and the "Embalse the Canelles" whose turqouise water reminds on most beautiful Ibiza-Mallorca-Portugese-rocky-coasts just without the trash of modern civilization or party-people..........

The particular village we're talking about is named "Finestras", which is not too difficult to identificate as a word for windows. "Finestras" also, because for every visionary gifted spirit it provides a wonderful outlook on "How-it-COULD-be"!


Principles of PermaCulture
The core of the village consists of about 15-20 house ruins with another 10-or-so houses in the direct surrounding areas. What we are aiming for is to create a peaceful, harmonious place with space for unlimited self-fulfilment in the frame of PermaCulture and Spiritual Progress: If you are dreaming about building a house that perfectly fits in the environment + as you want it to look like, octagonal or Pyramid-style, earthship or EcoDome - go ahead!!!, if you are dreaming about creating a garden oasis as you have dreamed about - do it!!!, You like horses to ride, sheeps to make wool, chickens to care of, a drove of goats to dreamily stroll over the seven hills - get some!!! You like to improve your skills in music, jam all night long, find an atmosphere for meditation in search of enlightening states of consciousness - participate!!!, you want a big car, live a life in wasteful luxury, get yourself on top of society, oppress everybody who doesn't believe in the superiority of your arguments and lifestyle - better don't come....

We are just about taking the first steps. What we want is, however, not the dream of an individual. In times of economy crisis and increasing aggression and hatred among people, who "actually have everything" more and more people are looking for an alternative way of living.

We found Spain as one of the countries that welcomes our ideas with much love and benelovence. Therefor we are trying. Our project is an experiment, but it is alive and the concept spreads around and gets more and more concrete with every new person engaged with it. We have a few but are still looking for eco-village experienced or intrested people, water-workers, house builders etc, sympathicizing with the idea and pushing it forward.

If you feel similarily about what-you-concretely-want-to-do-with-your-life, come around, find us, meet us, throw a glance on a life as it could be, participate and help to create a place to find harmony for yourSelf - oThers - natUre - worlD - unYverse - EXISTENCE .....................................

Reasons: It is easy to romanticise life in an EcoVillage as a peaceful, harmonious living together with nature, animals, other people and oneself. One of the first answeres you get to this may be: "Hmmh: I think life in an EcoVillage is imposible. Human nature is bound to come in conflict with each other and it will end in a total catas-trophy....I rather stay here - its safe..." I don´t know if it is a cultural sickness to initilly block everything new... it is, however true that also life in EcoVillages provides problems....

Well: Good sides and bad sides you will find everywhere and it is always a challenge to overcome these "problems" and find peace. In wide parts of our society the problem is that you have to spend almost half your life working more or less disciplined for something you more or less believe in to earn money and buy safety and isolation (like fences, walls or "my car, my house, my boat...). Half of this is true for the life in EcoVillages: You have to spent lots of time for work. But what you work on has direct influence on yourself and your surroundings. You have to work hard on yourself, the community around you and the area you live in.
So this is the challenge we chose: We say YES to our being as humans and nature, even if it is hard. And we say NO to money-crazyness, alienation and ignorance towards the world and its sensitive networks