Ares' Genesis

I am Ares, God of War, spirit of battle, personification of brutal slaughter,
unloved by everyone, and a victim of my upbringing. Raised on incest and bloodlust I was spoon-fed my fate. How can I be blamed for opening my eyes? For wanting to be as my family? My father waged war against his own father to get his dominion over the sky. Kronos was warned both by Gaia and Ouranos that he would be dethroned by his son, and never the man for half-measures he decided to eat them all. My grandmother did not approve, and when pregnant with my father she gave Kronos a stone to eat instead. A full grown Zeus later drugged his father, who vomited his swallowed children back to life. Together they defeated Kronos and sent him to rule over the righteous dead. The ruler of heaven a patricide. For a child easily impressed it wasn’t exactly the right time to be born.

For more on Ares see here. Ares' background as partly shown here makes him a more interesting figure than just a God of War. It was environment, upbringing, that made an Ares of an easily impressed child.

The Oracle's Knowledge

My mother wasn’t any different. She preferred to talk about how she took re-
venge on the women who had slept with her husband. Whether they had spread themselves before him, or whether my father had raped them was of no relevance at all. “We judge the oracle on his knowledge, not on how it got there.”

"My mother" is Hera, mother of also Ares. I like the last sentence very much. In this context it is sort of funny. Hard to argue with.

Ares Making Love to Aphrodite

A future-threat is not felt the same way an upcoming coitus is.

Aphrodite was with Hephaestus, Hera's favorite son. He knew he was risking a great deal, but a future-threat...

Ares Caught Sleeping with Aphrodite

As a God of War, caught sleeping with the woman of the crippled virgin-born half- brother favorite of my mother, I knew I had it coming.

That would be Hephaestus.

Ares and Swansea

It was too much. What was this about? Who was my equal, how can you lose
and still come out a victor? I was desperately confused. “Mom, please, don’t go, I don’t understand, where to begin, where to go?” She looked down on me, remaining silent for a few seconds, and then spoke her last words to me: “The son will reap the daughter’s land, where the father raped the mother bent.” She turned round and walked away. That was all. “Whose daughter? How will I find the land? The father, is it Zeus, was it my father?” I cried. “Was it my father?” She stopped and looked back at me. I saw a smile on her face that failed to break through, and then she continued her walk. Could it have been my own father?

This follows just after Ares got his riddle (see Voices). The hint connects Ares with Swansea, of all places.