Season 2012-2013

Results, tables, averages:
Division 1 Champions - Coneysthorpe A. Relegated - Crescent B.
Division 2 Promoted - YRI C (champions). Relegated - Bootham D, YRI F.
Division 3 Promoted - Holgate WMC C (champions), Shepherds D. Relegated - YRI H, Aviva A.
Division 4 Promoted - Thornton-le-Clay (champions), Shepherds E.
Promotion / relegation play-off:
Div 2 v Div 1 for a place in Div 1:  YRI D 0 University A 5
Winter League

Coneysthorpe ‘A’ (Ashley Hodgson, Martin Lowe, Joel Wright) retained the Division 1 championship, again beating YRI 'A', (Nathan Horsley, Paul Robertson, Mick Wilcockson) into second place. Martin Lowe topped the averages, losing only one match..
Division 2 was won by YRI C (Jeff Cohen, Philippe Leopold, Rich McCarthy, Tim Smith). Jonathan Chabry (YRI D) topped the averages, winning all but one of his games. University A (second from bottom in division 1) defeated YRI E (second in division 2) in the play-off to decide who plays in division 1 next season.
Holgate WMC C (Robert Farmery, Graham Hood, Steve Potter, Bob Young) topped Division 3, just pipping  Shepherds C (Chris Hutchinson, Paul Kozyra, Gary Neads, Mike Surtees) into second place. The title was decided on the last day of the season between the top two teams. Both teams are promoted. Bob Young topped the averages.

Division 4 champions were Thornton-le-Clay (Sudeep Chatterjee, Rod Lowery, Neil Lynch, Steve Pearson, Trevor Percival). In second place and also promoted were Shepherds E (David Atkinson, Nigel Baker, Alan Johnson, Steve Webster). Neil Lynch topped the averages, winning all but one of his games.

York Closed Championships
Martin Lowe (Coneysthorpe) won the Men’s Singles title for the sixth time He beat Filip Wojtkowiak (YRI) in the final. The Ladies champion is Jane Cohen (YRI) who beat Anne Barnard (YRI) in the final.
In the doubles,
John Hughes and Filip Wojtkowiak (YRI) won the Men’s event, Jane Cohen and Anne Barnard (YRI) won the Ladies’, and the Mixed was won by Jane and Jeff Cohen (YRI).
Jake McCarthy (
Holgate WMC) won the Junior Singles title and James Rule (Coneysthorpe) won the Cadets’ event.

Handicap Competitions
The Bagshaw Trophy (individual handicap competition) was held during the week before the start of the Winter League. Richard Morris (York RI) beat Terry Ruane (Aviva) in the final. The other finalists were Tom Morris, John Stokes, Tim Smith and Filip Wojtkowiak (all of York RI).
The finals of the team handicap knock-out competitions were played at the Railway Institute on Tuesday 7th May 2013. The Shepherds Trophy was won by 
Holgate WMC D (Colin Dickson, Pete Taylor, Steve Wands). They beat Bootham A (Jimmy Mills, Jo Suchecki, Jon Wooldridge) 5.5 - 2.5 in the final. Coneysthorpe C (James Rule, Keith Wilkinson, Paul Young) beat BT B (Terry Botting, Bill Carter, Nigel White) 5-4 in the Machell Trophy.
The Summer League (2012) was won by York RI E (Alan Balmforth, Mike Dinsdale, Filip Wojtkowiak). They beat York RI F (Don Gorst, Richard Morris, Tom Morris) 6-4 in a very close final.

Yorkshire Veterans' League

In division 1 York I (Richard Crowther, Ashley Hodgson, Chris Londesbrough, Mick Wilcockson, Jon Wooldridge) had their best-ever season, with 5 wins from nine matches. 

Olympic Torch - Clive Warley

Clive carried the Olympic Torch on Tuesday 19th June 2012 between Bishopthorpe Road and Knavesmire Road along Campleshon road.

Dennis Barrell, aged 86. Dennis played for Norwich Union, based at Rufforth Hall, for many years. He was given a special award by the Association when he retired from table tennis.