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| New Series Volume 3 | 2014
Published May 2015
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This volume offers with a fantastic range of topics, projects, methodologies and period coverage. The immense scope and coverage of archaeological activities in Yorkshire are themselves reflected in the variety of practitioners — volunteers, community groups, professional and commercial organisations, researchers, students and academics. FORUM’s pictorial cover design offers a snapshot of some projects that represent the broad inclusivity of the many engagements — in terms of participants’ age and diversity of background.
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Contributions are welcome from anybody involved in Yorkshire archaeology—fieldwork, research, community projects, education, commercial and developer-led activities. Items for volume 4 should be submitted by 31 December 2015 for availability in 2016. Please contact the editor for templates.
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New Series Volume 3 | 2014       
19x26x6 JIS, 4pp+122pp, colour and b&w illustrations

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Intro and Contents
Editorial and Thematic Index
| i-ii
CBA Yorkshire Annual Review 2014-15
| iii-iv


Newgate Foot Stone Setting, Allerston, North Yorkshire: report on the re-erection of a fallen stone. Blaise Vyner | 1

A Cropmarked Landscape near Rossington, South Yorkshire. Andrea Burgess and Andrew Norton | 9

Discovery of an Anglo-Saxon Cemetery at Kirkleatham, near Redcar in Cleveland. Stephen J. Sherlock and Philip Abramson | 21

Buildings Recording in the Cleveland Plain and at Octon Old Farmhouse, Thwing. David Cant | 33

Holy Wells: a source of inspiration or an archaeological distraction? Dave Weldrake | 41

The Archaeological Recording of Second World War Structures and Landscapes in Yorkshire. Shaun Richardson and Ed Dennison | 47

Communities in Action

The Swaledale Big Dig. Peter Denison-Edson and Alan Mills | 65

Creative Communities: heritage, funding and lateral thinking. Christine Rawson, Kate Brown and Sue Warren | 77

Archaeological Notes and Reviews

Pet Cats in Roman Villas: a North Yorkshire candidate? | John Buglass and Jennifer West | 85

Nidderdale Chase Heritage Group: the Ashelby Pasture Project 2013–14 interim report. Marie-Anne Hintze and Janis Heward | 89

Raikes Road Burial Ground, Skipton, North Yorkshire: 2014 interim excavation report. Jean Robinson and Janis Heward | 95

The Leeds Trinity Archaeology Project. Dave Weldrake | 99

Archaeological Register

Three Recent Excavations in Yorkshire by AOC Archaeology. Mitchell Pollington and Stephen Potten | 103

Recent Work in Yorkshire by Wessex Archaeology. Ashley Tuck and Andrew Norton | 108

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Contents | New Series Volume 2 | 2013        19x26x6 JIS, 4pp+180pp, colour and b&w illustrations
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Intro and Contents

Editorial | i-ii

Thematic Index | iii

CBA Yorkshire Annual Review 2013 | iv-v

In Memoriam: ProfessorArnold Aspinall | vi


New Perspectives and Suggested Directions for Future Research on Central Pennine Mesolithic Lithic Scatters. Paul R Preston | 1

Palaeoecological Context of a Bos Skeleton from Peats at Flixton School House Farm, Vale of Pickering. Gaynor Cummins and Ian Simmons | 21

Recent Archaeological Investigations at All Saints Cathedral, Wakefield, West Yorkshire. Diana Mahoney Swales and Andrew Norton | 29

The Battle of Brunanburh. Sally A England | 35

Buildings of Beverley and Long Preston. David Cant | 49

The Archaeological Recording of Graffiti in Yorkshire. Shaun Richardson | 57

Scar Village Navvy Camp, Scar House Reservoir, Nidderdale, North Yorkshire. John Buglass | 69

Communities in Action

Celebrating the Heritage of the South Pennines Watershed. Louise Brown and Robin Gray | 81

Stanbury Hill: The Making of a Community Project. Keith Boughey | 95

The Iron Age Project 2008–2012: Historic Iron in Nidderdale 400 BC–AD 1611. Gillian Hovell | 103

Behind the Scenes

Preserving Our Digital Heritage: The Work of the Archaeology Data Service at the University of York. Catherine Hardman and Katie Green | 115

Mud and Fire: A Potter's Insight into Prehistoric Pottery Technology. Graham W Taylor | 121

Archaeological Notes and Reviews

A Polished Flint Axe from Beaumont Park, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. Frank Jolley | 135

A Romano-British Settlement at Street House, Loftus, North East Yorkshire. Stephen J Sherlock | 139

Current Research into Roman Roads in Yorkshire Based on Lidar Evidence. Hugh Toller | 141

York Friargate Community Archaeology: 2013 Interim Report. Andrew K Jones, Ros Batchelor
and Beth Shurter
| 146

Bordley Township Project: Highlights in a Year of Investigation. Janis Heward | 149

The Digability Project: Leading the Way to Making Inclusive Archaeology a Reality. Nicola Thorpe | 153

Stanbury Hill Project: Archaeological Investigation of a Rock Art Site. Reviewed by Jim Brightman | 157

Archaeological Register

Selected Recent Work by John Buglass Archaeological Services. John Buglass | 159

Recent Work in Yorkshire by Wessex Archaeology. Andrea Burgess | 161

Notes on Recent Archaeological Projects Undertaken by Heritage Education. Dave Weldrake | 168

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Volume 2 (2013) Errata | Corrected in online copies
The Battle of Brunanburh. Sally A England | 35
The last item in the bibliography (p 47) contains typographical errors and should read:
Wood, M. 2013. Searching for Brunanburh: The Yorkshire Context of the ‘Great War’ of 937. Yorkshire Archaeological Journal 85, 138–157.

Due to a production-to-printing error the Archaeological Notes and Reviews and Archaeological Register section headers display "Vol 1 (2012)". However, section introduction pages are correct.

 Contents | New Series Volume 1 | 2012        19x26x6 JIS, 4pp+120pp, b&w illustrations

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Editorial | Spencer Carter | 1

About CBA Yorkshire: Almost Fifty | Paul Brayford, Membership Secretary | 4

CBA Yorkshire Annual Review 2012 | Christiane Kroebel, Chairperson | 6


The Stanbury Hill Project: Archaeological Investi­gation of a Rock Art Landscape in West Yorkshire | Keith Boughey | 7

The Impact of Raw Material Choice on Novice Participation: Analysis of a Mesolithic Lithic Assemblage from Warcock Hill South, West Yorkshire | George Loffman | 17

The Bordley Township Project: Aspects of Human Impact on a Landscape in Craven | Peter Claughton | 27

The Roman Paradox: Linear Enclosure Complexes in the Yorkshire Wolds | Andrew Derych | 33

Discovery and Excavation of a Roman Estate Centre at Whirlow, South-west Sheffield | Clive Waddington | 43

A New Survey of Blackstone Edge Road: Interim Results | Mitchell Pollington | 53

Anglo-Saxon or British? Excavation of a Probable Late Seventh Century Shieling in Upper Ribblesdale, North Yorkshire | David Johnson | 59

Results of Archaeological Monitoring at Easby Abbey, Richmond, North Yorkshire | John Buglass | 65

Recent Surveys and Building Recording in North and East Yorkshire | Shaun Richardson and Ed Dennison | 83

An Investigation of Whitfield Syke Mill, Embsay, North Yorkshire | Jane Lunnon and Ruth Spencer | 95

Archaeological Notes and Reviews

Notes on New Dating Evidence for the Roman Settlement at Slack, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire | Gerrie Brown and Barry Hobson | 105

Notes on Radiocarbon Dates from the Chapel House Wood Landscape Project, Kilnsey Township, North Yorkshire | Roger Martlew | 108

A Summary of Recent Archaeological Work by JBAS: 2011–12 | John Buglass | 111

Notes on Educational Projects in the Academic Year 2011–12 | Dave Weldrake | 113

CBA Yorkshire Membership Application Form | 115

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Contents | Foundation Series | 2011        A4, 36pp, b&w illustrations

CBA Yorkshire Group | 2

Chairperson's Report | Christiane Kroebel | 3

Three Stones on the Hillside: the appropriation of natural features in the South Pennines | Dr D. Shepherd | 4

The North York Moors National Park Mapping Programme | Tara-Jane Sutcliffe | 7

Uncharted territories: Neolithic long cairns and barrows of the Yorkshire Dales | Yvonne Luke | 11

Educational Work in West Yorkshire in 2011 | Dave Weldrake | 23

Baxtergate, Whitby, Heritage Review Pilot Project, 2011 | Christiane Kroebel | 25

St. Richards Dominican Priory, Pontefract Interim Report | Pontefract and District Archaeological Society | 27

The Hulleys Enigma Continues: an update, 2010 | Alan Walker, Howard Carr and Brian Smith | 31

Propped Stones: examples from the North York Moors | Brian A. Smith and Alan A. Walker | 35

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Contents | Foundation Series | 2010        A4, 64pp, b&w illustrations

CBA Yorkshire Group | 3

Chairperson's Report | Trevor Pearson | 4

York's other River: an archaeological survey of the River Foss Navigation | Christopher Dunn and Tony Berry | 6
The North East Yorkshire Mesolithic Project | Rachel Grahame | 11
Experiments with False Colour Infrared for Aerial Photography in the 1970s | Eric Houlder | 13
A Comparative Study of 'Continuity' Cemeteries in Yorkshire | Malin Holst | 15
The Pre-Conquest History of Lythe Church | Christiane Kroebel | 17
A fresh look at the Maiden Castle complex, Harkerside, Swaledale | Yvonne Luke | 20
Propped Stones: a research note | Dr D. Shepherd | 30
The Hulleys Enigma: An Interim Report, 2009 | Alan A. Walker | 32
Rare slipware production site found in Leeds | Kathy Allday | 40
Archaeology and education: recent projects | West Yorkshire Archaeology Advisory Service and Partners | 46

St Anthony's Hall, York | Gareth Dean | 60
The Anglo-Scandinavian Archaeology at Hungate, Year 3, 2009 A Summary | Peter Connelly | 62
Summaries of recent and selected fieldwork
John Buglass Archaeological Services
Boston Spa Archaeology and Heritage Group
Ed Dennison Archaeological Services Ltd
Field Archaeology Specialists Ltd
Ingleborough Archaeology Group
Upper Wharfedale Heritage Group

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Contents | Foundation Series | 2000-2009        A4, b&w illustrations (2007 is A5)

Each issue contains summaries of archaeological work undertaken in Yorkshire during the year and longer articles.

Please note: Until 2002 the Forum numbering system meant that the year given on the cover referred to the year covered by the reports. Forum was published early in the following year. So for instance Forum 2001 covered work carried out in 2001 but was published in 2002. From 2003 the numbering system was changed to reflect the publication year. This means that there is no Forum 2002 in the sequence.

2009 | Rock Art fabricator, Rapid Coastal Zone Assessment, Excavations at Heslington East York, St. Helen's Church Skipwith, Investigation of a Miner's Cottage at Caphouse Colliery, The Stanbury Hill Project Rock Art Site
Recent work by: John Buglass Archaeological Services, Dave Weldrake (Education), Boston Spa Arch & Heritage Group, Archaeological Services WYAS, York Archaeological Trust

2008 | Excavations at Street House Loftus, Bronze Age sub-territories and comparisons with other North York Moors sites, Northallerton Landscape History Project 2005, Fylingdales Moor, Hungate Excavations York
Recent work by: Boston Spa & District Community Arch Group, Ingleborough Arch Group, John Buglass Archaeological Services, Field Archaeological Specialists, York Archaeological Trust, Archaeological Services WYAS

2007 [SOLD OUT] | Yorkshire Quern Survey 2006, Ripon Community Archaeology Project, All's Well at St. Mary's Project Thornton in Craven, Easby Riverside Restoration project, Excavation at 36 The Boyle Barwick-in-Elmet, Roman Road between Templeborough and Brough-on-Noe-Theories and Evidence, Rock Art and Glaciers at the Fringes of the North York Moors, Recent analytical field survey in Yorkshire by English Heritage
Recent work by: WYAS & Partners (Education), Scarborough Arch & Hist Soc, Boston Spa & District Community Arch Group, Ingelborough Arch Group, Archaeological Services WYAS, Field Archaeology Specialists York, Ed Dennison Archaeological Services.

2006 | New publications from Archaeological Services WYAS, Yorkshire Quern Survey 2005 report, Pathways and Petroglyphs - distribution of cup-marled stones in Fylingdales parish, Carved stones from Boston Spa, Opening the door on Agill, Excavations at Chapel Garth, Arram, Blansby Park Project, Historic Environment activity in Yorkshire Dales National Park 2004-5
Recent work by: Ed Dennison Archaeological Services, Stephen Haigh, Tees Valley Archaeology, Northern Archaeology Associates, Archaeological Services WYAS, Field Arch Specialists York

2005 | CBA Yorkshire in the Sixties, Sidney Jackson and Quern activities of Bradford Arch Group, Experimental charcoal burn at Dalby Forest, East Riding Arch Soc, Recent fieldwork on Yorkshire Commons, Survey of possible Ring Cairn on Skipton Moor, Wharram Grange Crossroads 2004, Characterising South Yorkshire's Historic Environment, The Broadwood Project at Thornton in Lonsdale, Scarborough Community Heritage Initiative
Recent work by: Boston Spa & District Community Arch Group, Ed Dennison Archaeological Services, Stephen Haigh, Tees Valley Archaeology, Scarborough & District Arch & Hist Soc, York Archaeological Trust, Dave Weldrake (Education), WYAS & Partners, Arcus, Field Archaeology Specialists York

2004 | Archaeology of Yorkshire Day, Obituaries (J.R. Earnshaw, D. Coggins, A.L. Pacitto), Origins of the Annual Symposium, Excavation of Roman Road M28b at Hundhill Ackworth Pontefract, Understanding and Recording our Village Heritage by Great Ayton Community Archaeology Project, Excavations near Ingleton, Yorkshire Quern Survey, Wetwang: Dietary Equalities in an Iron Age Population
Recent work by: Boston Spa & District Arch Group, East Riding Arch Soc, Stephen Haigh, Blaise Vyner Consultancy,  Ed Dennison Archaeological Services, Dave Weldrake (Education), WYAS & Partners, Northern Archaeological Associates, Archaeological Services WYAS, Field Archaeology Specialists York

2003 | Obituary (D.G. Coombs), Roman Milestone from Pontefract, Grey ware production at Derventio Stamford Bridge, Neolithic Landscapes of the Yorkshire Dales, Space and Place in Medieval Howden, Shipwrecks on the Hull Foreshore, The Historic Environment in the Yorkshire Dales National Park 2001-2, Recent Archaeological Work in the North York Moors National Park 2001-2, Evaluation and Excavation on the East Cliff Whitby 2002, Whitby Abbey Heritage Lottery Funded Excavations and Recording, York's Bridges and Bridgemasters, St Leonards Hospital Training Excavation 2002, Two Roman Camps at Monks Cross York, Boats-Buildings-Buckets-Boots & Barrels
Recent work by: Boston Spa & District Community Arch Group, MAP Archaeological Consultancy, Northern Archaeological Associates, Archaeological Services WYAS, Dave Weldrake (Education)

2002 | Not issued

2001 | Obituary (E.V. Wright), Recent Archaeological Work in the North York Moors National Park, Roman Villa Site at Wilstrop Hall Green Hammerton, Building Survey 2000-1
Recent work by: Dave Weldrake (Education), Ed Dennison Archaeological Services, Scarborough & District Arch Soc, MAP Archaeological Consultancy, Archaeological Services WYAS

2000 | Obituary (R.H. Hayes), Cawthorn Camps 2000 Interim Report, Building Survey in West and North Yorkshire, Survey of Bishops Manor at Howden, Archaeological Resources and Contacts
Short Notes: Gallo-Belgic Stater from N Yorkshire, Wool Weight from Bridlington
Recent work by: Northern Archaeological Associates, MAP Archaeological Consultancy, Boston Spa & District Community Arch Group, Dave Weldrake (Education)

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Contents | Foundation Series | Various        A4, b&w illustrations

Each issue contains summaries of archaeological work undertaken in Yorkshire during the year and longer articles.

1999 [SOLD OUT] | includes articles on the St Aidan’s project and on excavations at Cawthorn Camps

1998 [SOLD OUT] | includes articles on Archaeology in Calderdale, Sheriff Hutton Castle and NE Section of the Nautical Archaeological Society and recent work by consultancies and National Park Authorities

1997 [SOLD OUT] | includes articles Prehistory in Nidderdale, a Neolithic Barrow at Cottam, Scorton, Hayton Landscape Archaeology, Geophysical surveying at Catterick, Roman Roads around Stamford, Wood Hall Moated Manor project, Thorpe-in-Balne Manorial Chapel as well as project updates from consultancies, regional societies and National Parks 

1996 | includes articles on the Wood Hall Moated Manor project, Saltwick project, Mesolithic report from Calderedale and on the Mortimers’ museum in Driffield as well as regional project updates

1995 | includes articles on recent work by the East Riding Archaeological Research Trust, York Archaeological Trust, regional consultancies and National Parks

1994 [SOLD OUT] | includes articles on excavations at Fountains Hall and on the Roman settlement at Stamford Bridge

1993 | includes and article on the mid-Wensleydale survey and on fieldwork in the south-east Vale of York

1992 | includes articles on the Wood Hall Moat project and on work in the Yorkshire Dales National Park

1991 | includes articles on the late Iron Age settlement at Home Farm, Sewerby and on Archaeology and Golf courses

1989 [SOLD OUT] | includes a survey of earthworks of Harewood Castle and a summary of excavations in medieval Scarborough

1988 [SOLD OUT] | includes articles on the Backstone Beck Prehistoric site and on the Yorkshire Mining Museum

1987 [SOLD OUT] | includes articles on the Holme Landscape Project and the Prehistoric Landscape of Sutton Common

1986 [SOLD OUT] | includes surveys of a medieval monastic grange on Levisham Moor and of linear earthworks on the Tabular Hills

1983 [SOLD OUT] | includes summaries of work in Cleveland and in York

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