Club Kit

The extended range of Club Kit is now available to purchase from Paria!
Jerseys, shorts and gilet are women’s and men’s specific. All other items are unisex.

The new range includes:
£47.20 Pro Fit Jersey
£40.00 Relaxed Fit Jersey
£68.00 Shorts
£52.00 Long sleeved jersey
£52.00 Gilet
£57.00 Shell jacket (showerproof and windproof)
£10.00 Arm warmers
£12.00 Neck warmer
£ 9.85 Socks
£19.20 Overshoes
£10.00 Cap

Skinsuit ... on request!

There are useful sizing charts on the site but if you are unsure, ask other Club members their size for guidance. For example, it will come as no surprise that Mark wears XXL jersey and XL shorts. Stephen (C) and Dan have shared the news that they wear M for tops! Clare wears S in women’s sizing.

Simply log on using the link below, and use the password "rouleurs":

The lead time for delivery is 6-8 weeks. Package and postage is free and all kit will be sent to Mark and be distributed within the club. There are still a couple of wrinkles on the site but nothing that should stop you ordering. If you have any questions, post them on the Forum so that Mark or anyone can answer the question and inform everyone else.

Place your orders now!

Looking forward to seeing everyone resplendent in Rouleurs kit as we head towards Spring and then another glorious summer of riding!