fitness and injuries

Fastest and most aerobic racquet sport? 

Badminton is the fastest racquet sport. The shuttle can be "smashed" through the air at up to 200 MPH !!!.

Because of the speed your reactions have to be extremely quick to be able to hit it back, also you must run round the court to get in to a good postition to hit it back. 

  • In a typical two-game match, a player runs approximately one mile. 
A singles match is extremely demanding as you have to cover the entire court.
Doubles can be a little easier for fitness but you and your partner must have an understanding on where each other
are. Some injuries  can be caused by bumping in to each other or being hit by the others racquet. 
Similarly being hit by the shuttle from your opponent or even partner is quite common.
Facial/eye injuries from the shuttle or racquet are rare but could happen. I recently tried out a pair of goggles used 
by squash players but it hampered my eyesight.
If you play without warming up it's possible to damage your shoulder or wrist while hitting. 
And injure ankles, groins, thighs, hips, lower back and neck from stretching or rotating round.