May 25th 2007 - Day 7

Martin House provides care and support, free of charge, to families in which there is a child or children with a short life expectancy.

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Its a special day so why not get dressed up for the occasion. After all its not every day you complete the final leg of a 7 day 900+ mile bike ride.

I would just like to say that Steve and Keith have done fantastic. Cycling over 100 miles in a day is a tough task but doing it 7 days in a row is something to be proud of. Well done Steve and Keith and also John for putting up with these two.

Phew we did it! There where times yesterday when we both had our doubts. A cold start contributed to our woes as well as my hurting knees and Keiths thigh giving him Jip.

Then the rain came which compounded our misery but as always john lifted our spirits with a pit stop hot cup of coffee and chocky biscuits. Energised we kicked on, the sun was out and the wind was behind us.

Another hour later we had another picnic breakfast. Our man friday has geed us up throughout the trip - Thanks JB!

We sailed through the final 50 miles on adrenaline, all pains forgotten. Hope you enjoy the pics, and thanks to everyone for your support.

If you haven't already then please take the time to sponsor Steve and Keith by clicking the link above. All donations will be welcome nomatter how big or small. Martin House Hospice is a fantastic cause and needs your help.