May 23rd 2007 - Day 5

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The report from the boys was short and sweet today, did not sound like they enjoyed themselves too much.

They had a lie in but wish they hadn't. Foul climb for the first 20 miles having to content with Rain, Headwind and very bumpy roads. "Chaffed Cheeks!!".

They got losted in east Kilbride but where later rescued by John who came bearing cream cakes!

Erskine Bridge was very impressive, although looking from the photos, Steve looks set to end it all!!

Steve comments that all he is doing is whingeing but Keith is just snoring away at the time of sending the message.

5am start tomorrow but I have just checked the weather and its raining until about midday. That'll be a tough 6 or 7 hours for them. They have 150 miles to do with some very bumpy roads first thing by Loch Lomond and then some tough climbs up Ranoch Moor and Glencoe. Great views to look forward to  along by Loch Ness but lets just hope they make it that far.

Good Luck Boys....

I shall try and get the Day 6 update done a lot sooner sorry for the late updates