The micro/nano soft biomechanics laboratory (MNSBL)'s interdisciplinary environment welcomes postdoctoral, graduate, undergraduate researchers having diverse backgrounds including mechanical engineering (body mechanics, bioinspiration, etc.), biology (cell biology, tissue engineering, etc.), and micro/nano science (NEMS, MEMS, etc.).
The MNSBL is accepting applications for postdoctoral, graduate, undergraduate research positions on projects related to:
- Body mechanics using N/MEMS technology 
- Bioinspired engineering for mechanical and biomedical applications
- Human-machine interface (HMI) to improve the interactions between human and machine
If you are interested, contact Prof. Sang-Hee Yoon (shyoon@inha.ac.kr). Please send your curriculum vitae along with a cover letter expressing your background and research interests.
*Postdoctoral applicants are strongly encouraged to explore and pursue external fellowship supports.
**The foreign (i.e. nonkorean) students who want to pursuit a master degree only are NOT accepted.

Research Opportunities (last updated at Aug. 30, 2017) 
- Postdoctoral fellow: 1 opening (in body mechanics)
- Graduate: 3 openings (in body mechanics (1) and bioinspired engineering (2))
- Undergraduate: 2 openings (in bioinspired engineering (1) and HMI (1))
*Specific positions are advertised on this page as they become available.